Kyrie Irving still wants to join the Lakers, this summer or next

This is definitely the big TV series of summer 2022. After two seasons of collaborations on the Nets, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving want to leave Brooklyn. While KD’s future looks increasingly hazy, Kai appears to be shaping up more clearly. convinced discreet Headlamp calls from LeBron James, the captain could join his former Lakers teammate. Even better, according to Jovan Poha the athleteKyrie has a very good chance of playing Purple & Gold someday, both through a trade From this season or next season Free agent.

As the great French philosopher said well, time has no time. Sorry Thierry, but we don’t understand a thing. On the other hand, LeBron James looks quite straightforward. The king Knowing that, his NBA career is closer to the end than the beginning, and to get a fresh episode it will be necessary to act fast. The association with Russell Westbrook – who was recruited last summer – didn’t work out Thunder Zeus, it’s a fact. Russ’, it clear the Nets in for Kyrie Irving, Welcome to the Lake Show Kyrie, and goes to conquer the title. Finally, it would be in the perfect world for LeBron James. No, the reality is quite different and Kyrie’s profile appears to be at a standstill. If the leader really wants to join the chosen In California, the situation is not stable at the moment. Sean Marks and the Nets aren’t particularly closed off about the player’s departure but know that time is on their side, waiting for an offer to suit them. Meanwhile, the Lakers would obviously like to welcome Kyrie, but are refusing to give up two options from the 2027 and 2029 drafts, prized for the future of the franchise. In nearly 38 years, he has been king dabs is without a doubt mine from these two choices. Normal for a king you will tell us about. Even worse, LeBron was lobbying behind the scenes on Rob Pelinka to strike a deal to get Kerry back. Many of his choices have been criticized in recent years, notably with regard to managing Caruso, Vogel or Andre Drummond, so the GM of LA is cornered. Basically, either alienating LeBron James or wreaking havoc on the franchise by potentially mortgaging his future, the dilemma is tough. The only sunbeam in Rob’s life, the Lakers seem – at the moment – to be the only league franchise truly interested in Kyrie Irving.

Well, am I not so lost in all this mess? Well, catch your breath because we’ll be back. Kyrie Irving will also be a free agent in 2023. According to information from Juva Buha the athleteeverything indicates that the Nets point guard will one day play for the Lakers, whether through trade in the coming weeks, or through free-signing free agency over the next summer. The news looks pretty good for Purple & Gold, but one question remains unanswered: Will LeBron have the patience to play a potentially tough new season under the California sun? He’s very excited there at the moment, and won’t intend to move before his possible son, Bruni, arrives in the NBA, in 2024. So there’s likely to be at least a playing season for Kyrie’s coming next summer. Anxiety – and as noted above – Kerry’s arrival will almost certainly force Ross’ departure. The second concern: There, too, the teams aren’t particularly vying to get Zér0 back.

If things don’t move for some time, August 4th may allow for some changes. From today King really can choose to extend with L.A., or not, even if things should quickly hang in favor of the extension. take it out Popcorn and don your best hat, Kerry’s adventures with the Lakers can take a new turn.

Text source: the athlete

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