Math discoveries and good memories

Eight days before the opening of the 26th edition of the Women’s Team World Championships in Karuizawa, Japan, the city that hosted the Summer Olympics (equestrian events in 1964) and the Winter Games (curling in 1998), Matilda Capellis I landed in Tokyo after a twelve hour flight accompanied by Karen MatthewAnd the polemic manon And the Michael Bradet. The latter had developed a physical preparation program in the middle of the mountains, a two-hour drive from the Japanese capital: “ It was a missed corner kick, but immediately there was a good atmosphere inside the group, Matilda explains. I was the new girl out of the girls and I merged very quickly. She soon made friends with Manon Gidali. Celine (Potter) She joined us in the survey because she was chosen by her American university (duke). At first, it was necessary to adapt to jet lag (7 hours). »

Matilda Capellis, Manon Gidali and part of the staff then discovered two courses from Karuizawa 72 East Golf Club, Iriyama and Uchitat, both designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., because Karen Matthew and Celine Potter Get to know them a few weeks ago: Beautifully prepared Matilda says. I remember there was an average of 6, (Oshitate Hole No. 18). This was the first time I’ve played such a long hole, nearly 700 yards. We were staying in cottages. We had a great time and laughed a lot. Laurent Tiffonnet, our naturopath, was very involved. He cared about us so much. The Japanese organization was impeccable and the opening ceremony was great. »

At the end of the four rounds of play in these magnificent courses with a stunning view of Mount Asama, one of the most active volcanoes in Japan and with an elevation of 2,568 metres, the French team ranked 11th with a total of 564 (-12), one shot behind the Philippines and tenth and seventeenth behind the crowned Australians. World champion for the third time: It wasn’t the result I expected, but I wasn’t disappointed with my performance (I fell on the top two of the tricolor formation on the Iriyama path)And the She trusts. In my first World Championship entry, I was happy. François Illoz sent a congratulatory letter to my parents after I turned 68 on the last lap. I remember doing a part with Minjee Lee, the world No. 1 at the time, and American Kristen Gilman, winner of the 2014 US Amateur competition. The Australian was really cool. These two weeks in Japan have been very rewarding and I have nothing but good memories. Plus, I really want to go back to the Land of the Rising Sun to really discover it because I didn’t get the chance during the World Cup. »

Matilda Capellis with World No. 1 Minji Lee, and Kristen Gilman, winner of the 2014 American Amateur Awards.

“I miss the competition a lot”

Revealed through her performances in the youth categories, notably her 64th CFJ in the Aigle Tour, Matilda “The Flaming” later competed in all national and international singles and team competitions before beginning her career. But, little by little, her fighting spirit and confidence gave up on her with: I need to find a solution to my problem, Emphasizes. I am working on it in order to restore stability and try to move forward. I read a lot of books. I see a lot of people to help me. But I don’t give in to golf. I miss the competition so much. I played two tournaments this year (7th place at the Terre Blanche Women’s Open in April). It was real fun. Golf is a beautiful game that offers a lot of emotions. Nothing else equals that. It’s hard to experience the same thing in everyday life. will be back. You always have to believe in it. »

While waiting for the competitive course path to resume more seriously, Matilda Capellis will begin her third year at IESEG, Paris Business School, at the beginning of the academic year: « For a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Financeas you say. Currently, I am an intern at Linxea, an online savings company. I will finish at the end of August. I don’t know what to do next. Move to another stage? I want to go to work abroad because I like to speak English and I like to move. » His new life and new environment in Chantilly may help him regain the confidence he lacks to regain his best level and renew his career thread.

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