Pensioner suspected of stabbing his wife to death in Chateaudun

The Public Prosecutor of Chartres, Remy Cotten, confirmed to us Thursday August 4, 2022, the fourth female murder since his presence in Eure-et-Loire in 2015: “A 66-year-old man murdered his 64-year-old son and wife with a knife, evening Wednesday, at their home in Chateaudun. »

According to our information, the crime took place on the Rue de la Varenne in Chateaudun. The public prosecutor indicates that he was a neighbor who lived in this area, and he called, at about 9:40 pm, the Gendarmerie and Intelligence Operations Center, based in Luce: “He heard a woman screaming and she called for help. »

Husband comes out bleeding

A military patrol moved to rue de la Varenne. The gendarmerie rang the doorbell, and a man approached them:

“He had red marks on his clothes. He told the gendarmes that he had just killed his wife.”

Remy Cotten (Prosecutor of Chartres)

The pensioner was immediately arrested and his hands tied. The soldiers entered the house and discovered a lifeless woman sitting on the sofa. “He butchered her,” the attorney general said.

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The crime scene was immediately frozen. The working hours of the prosecutors, the firefighters, a criminal identification technician (TIC) and a forensic pathologist from Tours (Indre-Loire) met in Châteaudun, until 4 am.

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The Office of the Public Prosecutor of Chartres participated in the seizure of the Search Brigade and the Chateaudun Brigade for investigations. Two investigators from Orleans Research (Laura) have arrived to help, Thursday, August 4, 2022.

“Half a dozen shots”

The investigation has already established that the spouses do not have a criminal record and that the spouses, married in a second marriage, have been living in Chateaudun for a year.

At the hearing, the alleged killer was going to make his statements:

Acknowledge the facts. He explained that there was a disagreement with his wife at mealtime. She was going to tell him that she was going to leave him. He claims to have “panicked” at that moment. »

Remy Cotten (Prosecutor of Chartres)

He was going to the kitchen to get a steak knife. He allegedly stabbed her in the carotid artery while she was sitting on the sofa. The murder weapon was found. “The coroner found half a dozen razor blades,” Describes Remy Cotten.

An autopsy should be performed on Friday, August 5. On Thursday evening, it was announced that the police custody had been extended. Judicial information must be opened and presented to the investigating judge on Friday.

Thierry Delaunay

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