The champagne basket is ambitious on many levels

Descending in Pro B, Champagne Basket is ambitious, revealing a project for Horizon 2025, with goals of full occupation of the new arena, a quick return to the Betclic Elite and also the rise of the Women’s League team.

This is the content of the press release:

Club at the crossroads.

Far from dying despite relegating to Pro B, we leave the pioneers of a new cycle with the stated goal of rising elites in the next 2-3 years thanks to everyone’s support.

This redemption goal accompanies a stronger ambition for the club. The vision we consider to be the only one that promises to guarantee a basketball project of a very high standard for our Marne region, which we know has a special and historical connection to the Orange Ball.

A project based on three pillarsThey have the same importance, and each of them is an indispensable condition for their fulfillment.

-in the first place, The Reims Arena It should, once we rise in the elite, be the venue for all of the Champagne Basket Masculin matches.

The arena will be a great economic lever, allowing us to develop a real sports show / show there in the equipment provided for this purpose with one goal: to get to the top ten in the elite, and finally get out of the dynamics of the latter . seasons.

– The second pillar consists of Rise of Champagne Basket Feminin. The goal is clear: to join the LFB (Women’s First Division) in the same amount of time given to the men’s team to find the elite.

Drawing inspiration from the most successful projects in women’s basketball in recent years (Bourg, Mont-de-Marsan, Landerneau, Charleville, etc.), we hope to be able to install women’s basketball permanently in Chalons where all the matches will be played, considering the region and its infrastructures as The perfect place to move to a new sporting level for our women.

The goal is to become an elite women’s team, able to play the European Cup in Coubertin from 2025, making it possible for the conglomerate and the Territory to offer a national and international show and to be one of them representing the essential dynamic.

– The third pillar, the most innovative, will be the component of our club’s differentiation and the carrier of a strong added value for our lands and its inhabitants.

this is The “leader” of the club The one we want to generate and which we have designed from 2020 will be a real, cultural and sporting venue, open to the public and dedicated to the crossroads of arts and sports. “third place” which will combine multiple uses and activities (restaurants, local shops, art and sports workshops open to all, research laboratory on high performance, offices, performance and event halls, etc.), and will also be a place for the life and training of professional teams and hope (men and women) and will allow the club to acquire Its own equipment to ensure its development at the highest level.
Naturally, we are planning to create this new place in Chalons where discussions are taking place on certain sites. We hope to be able to convince all parties in the coming months of the legitimacy and value of this new place until it sees the light of day in 2025.

In this time required for the rise of the men’s team into the elite is an opportunity to end all these discussions and Make our land shine in the long run ! »

Photo: Reims Arena GL Events

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