Turbo Golf Racing, early access inspires!

When I saw the first glimpse of Turbo Golf Racing At the conference, my eyes were filled with stars. A racing game but add a ball. obvious resemblance to Rocket League The extras that sounded fun, were enough. As soon as possible, immerse yourself in this brand new title from Hugecalf Studios.

RocketGolf Racing!

No one can deny that. From the start, similarity Rocket League I clearly felt! Three car models are available and a very inspiring control system: slide, jump and double jump. A little tutorial allows us to learn the basics before we get started on the serious stuff to break the similarity. There is also a batch and scale that fills up over time or by picking up cans on the floor. Little surprise, vehicles Turbo Golf Racing It can spread its wings to fly! After a few games, we also open two ability slots, one active and one passive. For example, it is possible to get a weapon that allows you to throw a shock wave around to push the ball and get a bigger ball. However, the developers still have to do work on the controls, these are sometimes a bit inaccurate.

The point of TGR It’s simple! On each track, you have to use your car to push a ball into the hole. “Oh but that’s it? You’ll tell me! And you’d be completely wrong, as the lines are so masterfully drawn. Between the great curves, the steep edges that could make the ball fall and make it appear again a few meters before, the giant walls, as well as the trees in the way, the sand areas And the grass … a lot of elements that can make the ball bounce in the wrong direction, slow it down or even stop it completely while going at full speed. So I had to learn the dose of the ball strokes to give it the desired effect, not push it hard or on the contrary to put Maximum power in. But also for hovering over the few surfaces that slow the car down. Turbo Golf Racing It fulfills a basic condition: to be simple to learn, but difficult to fully master. Enough to provide a learning curve at the top!

A game that is resolutely transformed into the future

Regarding the single part, it currently consists of thirty time paths. We find each of them in multiplayer mode that promises wild games. In fact, if a single ball and a car were easy to find on a circuit, it could be up to eight players per race! Fortunately, he cannot touch his opponent’s ball which can cause very toxic behavior from some online. But don’t think that it means no interaction. Rewards redeemable in certain locations currently offer missiles and armor. Limited selection at the moment, but likely to expand within the twelve months early access Turbo Golf Racing.

The title actually offers a seasonal pass system with several customization options to unlock. A logical choice for this style of play that can last for many years, provided you know how to renew yourself. Thirty circles are enough for a while, but she won’t allow it Turbo Golf Racing To stand the test of time over time.


This is the first version of Turbo Golf Racing Convinced me. If not everything is perfect, the foundations are clearly laid out and the possibilities are assured. It remains to be seen development until the final release, as the studio has promised regular updates in the coming weeks and months, and if the title manages to renew itself enough that players won’t get tired. In the meantime, it’s time to get back on track and hit the skin.

Access Criteria

visual problems Hearing impairment
High Contrast (Point Reticle) Subtitles with mood indicators
Font color size Identification of the person speaking
Distinguish the enemies customizable font
Customizable interface Customizable font color
Small customizable color Alternate alert options (vibration, flash…)
color blindness option Ambient sounds reported (attendance notices)
Text-to-speech option
game slowdown

Test conditions

TV details 4K The game is provided by the publisher yes
Control unit Xbox Xbox X Time spent in the game 6 am
Difficulty level game over

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