The International Big Week for Sporting Vichy (Allier) returns until August 15th

Ten days when the little white ball becomes the Queen of Water City, from August 6th to 15th. Jean-Louis Briat, the history of the club if there was one, licks his pieces in advance. Together with his colleague, Jean-Remy Clavier, they have worked hard upstream to ensure that everything is in place for this great mass of discipline that represents La Grande Semaine Internationale du Sporting.

Ten days a week, Jean-Louis’ friend smiles. “We have to make room for all our loyal partners. So, go take a ten-day break. International?

Golf Sporting Club de Vichy (Allier): the centenary is still very green

“The big week is above all a tradition in Sporting. Our Roland Garros!”

Jean-Louis Briat (historic member of Sporting)

“We have to go back to the origins. The English, Americans, and the great personalities of the former French colonial empire are associated with therapy, golf and other festivities. In this edition we will still have some participants who come from outside the borders. Among the participants, Jean-Louis and his team of organizers expect more than 1,500 – about 150 per day – Despite the pandemic and the current heat wave that could calm some of them.

With 400+ members waiting for the event, Sporting knows how to be able to recruit ‘all over Auvergne and more broadly into AuRa, as well as from an entire audience of believers among believers. We are thinking of our friends from the Basque Country, members of the business councils who regularly attend meetings. And many others who attend each year, insists Jean-Louis Briat.

Sporting Golf de Vichy Hall No. 3. Dominic Barratt’s photo
“The big week is above all a tradition in Sporting. Our Roland Garros! We ignore the crowd of very formal tournaments and play for fun by mixing levels. Of course there will be ratings – behind every golfer hiding an opponent – but the main is not there or just not there . »

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So every day will carry the thrill and the awards he received “in a hopefully very friendly atmosphere”. The big week can then end with a traditional “Gallic” meal served in the shade of a catalpa. Guests will then only have to turn their heads toward the lake, after eating dessert, to enjoy the fireworks.

The program is from 6 to 15 August

Saturday and Sunday 6 and 7 August. Thévenet-Lagarde Cup (Stroke and Stableford game).
Monday August 8. Bellerive Cup (two people stampede)
Tuesday 9 August. Bartoss Cup (Steppleford).
Wednesday 10 August. Celestine Cup (Steppleford).
Thursday 11 August. Eden Park Cup (Steppleford).
Friday 12 August. Mountain Cup (double, four-ball, best ball).
Saturday 13 August. Vichy City Cup (Steppleford).
Sunday 14 August. Cut medical company (Steppleford).
Monday 15 August. Auvergne Tidal Cup (Chapman).

A bit of golf vocabulary

Play stroke. All hits played are counted between the tee and the final hits. The winner is the player with the fewest moves. This formula can be played as a team.
The stableford. The formula is to score points based on the number of strokes played on each hole.
Stampede. Both players from each team play the first ball. For each shot, the team will choose the two best balls and the two players will start from that position.
Chapman. In the second shot, Player A will play Player B’s ball and vice versa. From the third shot, the best two balls are selected.

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