Dunks, badges, gauge: NBA 2K23 introduces its new gameplay, with surprises!

game news Dunks, badges, gauge: NBA 2K23 introduces its new gameplay, with surprises!

Mike Wang and the NBA 2K23 development team decided this week to introduce new gameplay features to the license. And the advice of the regulars, it will be necessary to readjust for single and multiplayer performance in the basketball game scheduled for September 9.

Presented this Tuesday to the press, The gameplay of the future NBA 2K23 does not want to stand idly by. Mike Wang, Head of Gameplay at Visual Concepts, explained the major changes that regular players in 2K22 will have to adapt to.


  • Offensive: NBA 2K23, Heaven to Fight?
    • Everything is immersed
    • About twenty shot gauge is possible!
  • Defense: a brief overview
    • Make way for adrenaline shots
    • Red line
  • Change in badges
  • New team acquisition ‘more consistent’
  • AI finally balanced?

Offensive: NBA 2K23, Heaven to Fight?

Everything is immersed

While development teams mostly focused on defense last season, the focus of the next release featuring Devin Booker will be on sinking players and penetrating them into the basket. When you wanted to do amazing dips, you had to use the stick and the timed shot meter. It’s the same this season, but with controls for choosing your final touch: stick to a two-handed dip, stick to stay hooked to the basket, etc. We can now control the hooks in the basketPhysics has been revised in this sense, just as the defense on submerged would be more flexible. A junior full back who is back on defense in a counterattack will have a harder time facing dunking or reacting more than before.

In terms of shooters, they will haveDouble the number of animations compared to NBA 2K22, a treat that promises to be for lovers of selfies. Mike Wang took the opportunity to unveil an animation of extending the ball, a gesture liked by some ball carriers that will be more frequent on this iteration, but also ends in floats with the help of the opposite arm to fend off the opponent’s defense during a penetration. Everything for the slash.

About twenty shot gauge is possible!

While old-school players are accustomed to the annual change of shot meter, which is close to the player to get proper shot timing (you have to release the shot button when it’s completely full), NBA 2K23 is the title of choice. Five different firing scales are offered as standard (The four we’ve seen: in a small comma near the hands during shooting, in a large comma next to the player, in a large vertical bar next to the player, in a large comma below the player). About fifteen more metrics will be unlocked during Battle Pass seasons, but remember that these metrics are only used for player convenience. For a proficiency boost in the case of good timing, it is always preferable to play without scale.

But the main change that will attract fundamentalists is related to this measure. while before Green neon animation accompanied by perfect timing and photography From the start of the ball, signaling to everyone that the shot will go in, This animation now occurs as soon as the ball touches the hoop or enters. The same for defense indicators and imperfect timing if you specify the option in the parameters. A way of visual concepts to encourage players to keep fighting for possession rather than go back to defense or counterattack directly.

Defense: a brief overview

Make way for a dose of adrenaline

One of the two new features that caught our attention in the presentation relates to dodgers, and will particularly delight defenders, and the downed teams only play with the Crazy Dodger, a focus to check out, with 3 elite shooters staying in corners to limit shots to two. Now, with every offensive possession, the ball carrier enjoys three adrenaline boosters. Performing an explosive start hits the key or dodges to get out of the way and in a three-point situation consumes one of these boosts. Once consumed, the attacker’s speed drops dramatically until the end of possession, forcing him to force while he’s exhausted or giving up the ball.

Red line

Dunks, badges, gauge: NBA 2K23 introduces its new gameplay, with surprises!

The second interesting defensive feature is about 1 vs. 1. When the ball carrier is in an attacking position, he faces a defender and is upright to protect the ball, A new indicator appears above it, with 3 zones. One on his right and one on his left. The area in which the defender is in is red, and if he decides to attack in this area, he will lose control of the ball. Ultimately, this adrenaline and this red zone boost two intriguing elements of the strategic dimension of defense, adding more thickness to the gameplay.

Change in badges

Dunks, badges, gauge: NBA 2K23 introduces its new gameplay, with surprises!

If Visual Concepts isn’t the gossip on the still-highly anticipated Career mode (to be revealed later in August), Mike Wang has talked up badges, which are essential to his pro creation and have been attributed to all players in the league. this chapter, The concept of badges is changing radically. While the player previously had the choice between all the in-game badges he could take in Bronze, Silver, Gold or Hall of Fame, he would not be able to start improving by choosing the badge of his choice.

2K23 implements a graduated badge system. There are 16 badges per attribute class: eight at level 1, four at level 2, and four at level 3. Level 1 badges are the least powerful, but are also the least expensive in badge points. The costs increase as you level up. Now you need to get a certain number of badges from the lowest levels to start upgrading.

List of new retired badges and badges compared to NBA 2K22 :

  • Finishing
  • stealthily – Facilitates passing between opponents and avoiding collisions and interceptions
  • dominant – Increases the ability to complete double steps on defenders
  • king of the air – Ability to successfully complete alley and pardon dances
  • brutal – Ability to finish force by passing through the racket like a bulldozer
  • Retired: Rolling arm specialist
  • shots
  • Cop 3 – Ability to score 3 difficult points from dribbling
  • Mid-range king – Improved ability to record mid-range shots
  • Very excited – Reduces shooting attribute penalties for fatigue or excessive movement before shooting
  • cart – Increases the shooter’s ability to drop jump shots the longer they stand before the shot
  • counting – Improved ability to capture peripheral footage when a team is behind in a match
  • automatic penalty – Makes outside shots more dangerous if the opponent fails to compete
  • space creator – It was the badge of the organization before, and now this badge enhances the ability to shoot strokes and jumps. It will also increase defenders more often
  • infinite range – Improves the effectiveness of shooters for any attempt from a remote position in the 3PT . area
  • Removed: Leader, Hotspot Hunter, Lucky Charm, Mismatch Expert (go to organization), Stationary Shooter, Sniper, Limitless Spot-Up
  • organisation
  • killer combo – Improves dribbling efficiency with high volume dribbling moves. This is a combination of the fast streak and last year’s professional dribbling badges
  • Elusive – Helps ball carriers win more 1v1 matches, to face pincer
  • vice Improves ball integrity immediately after winning a rebound or catch, or after catching the ball.
  • mismatch expert – This badge was previously categorized as shooting, and now helps smaller defenders take on taller defenders
  • Removed: pass expert, runner, magnetic hands, stop and go
  • Defense / Restore
  • Column – an essential backline badge for great defenders, improving the ability to block and block shots on the key
  • boxout king – Helping counter-attacks to win positions in defense and attack situations
  • workaholic – The badge that enhances your ability to chase balls 50/50 and provides strong defense without fatigue
  • glove – This badge helps you to intercept players while they are gathering to shoot
  • Challenger – Improves the effectiveness of contour shot contests
  • Removed: Defensive Leader

New team acquisition ‘more consistent’

As each player associates Positive Actions, their Possession meter increases and once it is completed, it can be activated for a significantly enhanced Attribute temporarily. Nothing changes in this aspect with two slots for possession, but the team control, which allowed you to strengthen your entire team, has been modified to be more realistic.

Dunks, badges, gauge: NBA 2K23 introduces its new gameplay, with surprises!

Previously, the player activates the team’s possession of all his partners and motivates everyone, even those who did nothing defensive or offensive on the field. The problem is that only one player can carry his team. In NBA 2K23, give way to group because team control takes the form of a co-op system, where the entire team shares a single measure. you would understand that, Each player on the team must fill in a fifth of the scale by their performance on the field. Once each player has filled their share of the meter, team possession is automatically activated.

AI is finally balanced?

Dunks, badges, gauge: NBA 2K23 introduces its new gameplay, with surprises!

Finally, in terms of AI, Visual Concepts revised its version by first integrating the new Rookie mode easier than before. At higher levels, computer-controlled players will be more intelligent and more efficient in attacking. New systems will be configured, and Refined shots and Refined moments when an AI player puts the screen down Or leads the attack, depending on the positioning of the opponent’s defense. AI teams will now be more attentive to mismatchesand he will use a lot more player when he controls his assigned defender.

We remind you that NBA 2K23 is expected to be released on September 9, 2022 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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