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disc golf. mark International Women’s Event From the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), about sixty women gathered at the Parc des Voltigeurs this weekend to discover or introduce others to the sport.

Led by Karen Martel and Jessica Desrosier, the Drummondville event was the second largest internationally, with the exception of the United States, as part of this promotional activity. The founders of Disc-Golf Ladies Québec made it a point of honor to promote disc golf and physical activity among women. A primary clinic was served on Saturday while a tournament was scheduled for Sunday.

“The goal is to expand the female pool of Disc Golf in Quebec. When we launched Disc Golf Ladies, we wanted to provide a sense of belonging to girls who normally used to play with guys. Today we have a beautiful community,” commented Jessica Desrosiers, despite our 62 registered players, That there were many who could not attend.

Karen Martel also serves as President of the Association of Disc Golf Center de Quebec (ADGCQ). (Photo: Louis Philip Samson)

Moreover, since the establishment of their union, the percentage of women who play sports has increased from 3% to more than 20%. “As in all sports, female participation is low. In the beginning, we could only enroll two or three girls in tournaments. Perhaps we do it a bit out of selfishness, because we probably do it a little bit out of selfishness,” said Karen Martel, president of the Disc Golf Center de Quebec Association (ADGCQ). We want more women’s competitions.

“Like it or not, it’s hard to compare yourself to a man because of the morphology and the types of discs used. When we play among the women, we can see different things that we didn’t notice with the boys. It helps us improve and creates that sense of belonging and the desire to transcend ourselves,” Ms. Desrosiers continued.

By and for women

Marie-Yves Harton traveled from Quebec to take part this weekend. Sports soon took its place in the life of this woman who started playing at the beginning of the summer.

“I allowed myself to train my eldest son and we came to try the Drummondville course out of curiosity during our vacation. Then I was introduced to the tournament and on the recommendation of my son, I signed up. I loved my experience. I have the sting,” said Mrs. Harton.

Marie-Yves Harton traveled from Quebec to participate in her first tournament. (Photo: Louis Philip Samson)

For this upstart, the goal of promoting the sport among women came to join her, she is a feminist historian. “Anything that helps develop things for women and women joins me. I find it amazing to see young girls and older women thriving in this sport. It is so much fun and I have been able to meet new people in my playgroup.”

In addition, the activity also helped raise funds for the organization FitSpirit, whose mission is to transport young girls across Quebec. “People can participate in a setting challenge. After that, the money raised through the activity is donated to the organization,” said Ms. Martell.

After the event was presented at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle in 2021, choosing Drummondville made the most sense for the organizers. Due to its geographic location and newly redesigned itinerary, Parc des Voltigeurs wanted it to be almost the perfect place to conduct this activity.

“We have welcomed people from all over Quebec, Ontario and even New York State. The park course offers a good level of difficulty, but it is also good for those who want to learn the sport,” the Tournament Director described.

Organizers are already planning to present the Elles d’or tournament next year. Although the Parc des Voltigeurs field is a popular place, it is still too early to announce its return to the Drummondville soil. “From the perspective that we have a good relationship with the city, there’s no reason why we can’t come back here,” said Jessica Desrosiers.

Note that the Sunday tournament was halted due to a storm that hit the area around 3 p.m. on Sunday.

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