Freedom for basketball player Britney Grenier!

An open letter from intellectuals (see list below) to the judicial authorities of Russia

Honorable Judges of the Russian Federation,

Madam Judge Anna Sotnikova,

On August 4, 2022, Britney Greiner, a 31-year-old US citizen, a top athlete on the WNBA (North American Women’s Basketball League) Phoenix Mercury basketball team and two-time Olympic champion, was sentenced. Court in Khimki, a city located in the Moscow region, to 9 years imprisonment – arrest to be carried out in a criminal colony – for alleged “drug trafficking” after his arrest on February 17 (one week, barely before the start of the conflict in Ukraine), at Customs Airport of the Russian capital, with possession of a vapoteuse (electronic cigarette) based on cannabis liquid.

Mrs. Brittney Greiner, while admitting that it was committed there – we quote verbatim here -“outright error‘But without your judgment – we quote it again -‘Don’t put an end to his life‘, during her experiment, that this quantity of the substance was, for her personal consumption only, for exclusively analgesic and curative purposes, prescribed by her physician, and in so far as she suffered from it, she again insisted on the chronic pain and, consequently, the disruption of her sporting activities.

From unjust rule to hateful blackmail

Mrs. Brittney Greiner, during the same hearing, also told you in all honesty – we always quote – that “(She) had never intended to harm anyone, nor had she intended to endanger the Russian population, nor to violate the law of your country.”

These are precisely the reasons, ladies and gentlemen, judges of the Russian Federation, for which, in view of what appears to be a minor “crime”, we consider that the sentence – 9 years imprisonment – which I handed against Britney Greiner, who has therefore amended the amendments, on It is as disproportionate as excessive and even, to be honest and unjustified, if not inhuman.

Worse yet: that it would be inadmissible, legally and morally, for this painful case of Britney Greiner to end up being exploited, in defiance of any consideration of international law itself, to the point of becoming so, through the hateful blackmail of a man of a socio-political nature, If not informative, the ominous subject of bargaining between the two countries concerned, Russia and the United States, with the aim of obtaining, by this maneuver, an exchange of prisoners. The scandal, which we do not dare to imagine on your part, will exist, in this unfortunate case, complete!

In the name of men’s and women’s rights only

For this reason also, in the light of this judgment which is baseless in all respects, without even invoking its arbitrary appearance here, we ask you, in the name of the rights of men and women, to show clemency, sympathy and understanding towards Britney Greiner, by urgently releasing her, having ruled Already nearly 6 months of cruel detention, from this prison hell where she is unjustly drowned.

This message which we address to you here, ladies and gentlemen, judges of the Russian Federation, is also motivated, as you know, only by an interest in responding to pure and simple universal principles and moral values ​​- states, for example, the famous French motto: “Liberty, equality, fraternity “Without any intention, we assure you, of the desire to interfere, in any way, in your internal affairs, or to lend us, through improper legal law and weak pretext any political interests, strategic goals, ideological goals, or economic calculations.

Compassion, humanity and democracy

We sincerely hope that this appeal which we make to you here respectfully in favor of Britney Grenier, in the form of this open and public letter, will be heard at its fair value, and you will therefore respond favorably to it, the circumstance. – We do not doubt it – from your sense of pity as much as it is for humanity, without which there is no true justice, nor true democracy.

We also believe that it is through this kind of attitude – the nobility of the heart combined with the intelligence of the mind as well as the light of the mind – that all human beings, like all nations, see themselves growing, even in the long run, in the eyes of the world as well as history itself!

=> Author: Daniel Salvatore Schaeffer, philosopher, writer, columnist and 20 intellectuals The co-signers are Dominique Paquet: philosopher, art critic, writer; Veronique Bergen: philosopher and writer; Mary Jo Bonnet: historian and feminist; Jean-Marie Broome: sociologist, professor emeritus at universities (Paris); François Dési: lawyer, coordinator of collective action “Deprived of liberty, no genius – thirty famous prisoners”; Emmanuel Dupuy: President of the Institute for the Future and Security in Europe (IPSE); Lo Ferreira: philosopher, playwright, head of the Wildien Philosophical and Aesthetic Circle; Luc Ferry: philosopher, former French Minister of National Education; Rene Fregosi: philosopher, professor of political science; Zenon Kowal: former diplomat of the Wallonia Federation – Brussels (Belgium); Catherine Lovaux: sociologist, professor emeritus at universities; Veronique Nahum Grabbe: anthropologist; Fabien Ollier: Director of Quel Sport? Enayatullah Rasouli: Member of Amnesty International, President of the Belgian Independent International Organization for Human Rights; Robert Riedeker: Philosopher. Annie Sauger: President of the International Women’s Law Association (an association established by Simone de Beauvoir); Pierre-Andrei Tagiyev: philosopher, historian of ideas, director of research at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS); Olivier Weber: great writer and reporter and Jean-Claude Zilberstein: lawyer, publisher and writer.

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