Golf: Ryan Gerrard winner from start to finish at Omnium du Québec

For the second week in a row, there was an overall winner in the PGA TOUR Canada. Ryan Gerrard hit the feat Sunday during the Quebec Open at Le Plainvilliers Golf Club. The former University of North Carolina star finished his four rounds 16th under par, winning the championship by one stroke ahead of Thomas Walsh.

This was only the second PGA TOUR Canada victory since 2017. However, the other came just seven days ago. Noah Goodwin won the Ontario Open at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada in the same way.

“It was a really cool experience. I really tried to be patient and calm today,” Gerrard said. You never know what could happen. »

Walsh managed to make things difficult for Gerrard. Walsh scored a second eagle and three birds to go to -15 after 11 holes. That’s when the wind caught and Walsh played the rest of the course on an equal footing.

“I didn’t think I could catch Ryan,” Walsh said. “I played with him [samedi]And the kid is a real hero. So, I especially wanted to make it work a little bit so that it would deserve its victory. »

Gerrard had a fairly conservative tour early on. He made sparrows at numbers 5 and 7. The difficulties came towards the end of the course, with bogeys on holes 9, 16 and 17. He was forced to face off on the 18th hole to avoid overtime, which he did. This reduced his eventual margin of victory, but did not change Gerrard’s view.

“You really have to focus on your game. You don’t have to worry about what other people are doing,” said Gerrard, who shot 73 on Sunday. “You have to focus completely on what you have to do. Everything else is just a distraction.”

Prior to winning his fourth professional championship, Gerrard missed participating in the Omnium Osprey Valley presented by Votorantim Cimentos – CBM Aggregates. Last week, he tied for 26th place at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada Ontario Open and finished tied for 18th at the Prince Edward Island Open. The 23-year-old from Raleigh, North Carolina, earned conditional player status by finishing 15th in the Weston, Florida playoffs in February.

Gerrard attributes his win here to playing three solid rounds to build enough progress into Sunday.

“I was able to play my game really well this week,” he said. “I didn’t miss any shots. I hit the shots where I had to. Hit it good. I kept it on the right side of the hole. It allowed me to stay aggressive when hitting the pitches and not let anything slip. I think that was probably the biggest key to my success.”

“Everything else,” he continued, “just lined up. Sometimes it’s your week and you win,” Gerrard added.

There was a three-way tie for third place. Jeffrey Kang, Jake Knapp and Travis Trice all finished at -13. Knapp was the best tour of the day. He shot 65 and climbed to the top of the rankings thanks to eight birdies, including seven on the first 12 holes.

“It’s always good to start the day well,” said Knapp, who felt he played well all week but didn’t score well. “It was nice to have a few hits and hit some close shots today.”

The PGA Tour of Canada is taking a break next week. Operations will resume August 18-21 in Winnipeg with the CenterPort Canada Rail Park Manitoba Open at Southwood Golf and Country Club.

Yallamarago is the best Canadian

Sudarshan Yellamaraju, who was born in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, but is a Canadian national, finished sixth in the overall standings with a 12 below par to lead all Canadians.

Fortinet Cup standings (until the Quebec Open)

After playing in 17 tournaments, Thomas Walsh took a break from the Korn Ferry Tour to “revamp” his game. The University of Virginia graduate chose to play two PGA TOUR Canada events as part of the process and was a runner-up twice, at the Ontario Open, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and the Quebec Open. “I’ve worked really hard and being second is tough because I always feel like I’m left behind,” Walsh said. “But I think it shows that I’m heading in the right direction.”

Among the Quebec players, Max Gilbert played in his first PGA TOUR Canada tournament since his only appearance in 2019. He enjoyed it and did well. Gilbert took full advantage of his sponsor’s exemption and tied for 19th this week at -8 (280), scoring the final round of 69 (-3) to move up 14 places in the standings.

“I played really well today! I gave myself a lot of chances and avoided tough situations all day. It was a very easy run, so I am very happy!” We will try to keep the momentum and build on that in the next few weeks,” said the golfer from Saint Golf Club -Georges.

His finish in the Top 20 earned him an invite to the next tournament, the Manitoba Open, CentrePort Canada Rail Park, next week in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Joey Savoy, for his part, had some difficulties for the Greens on Sunday and returned a final +1 (73) card at the end of the event. “I played well, that’s a bit annoying. I hit the ball really well, got into the greens, but I was always a little shorter on my shots,” he commented at the end of his work day.

Golfer Pinegrove lost seven places in the standings to end his tournament in a tie for 11th at -9 (279). Despite the gaffe, Savoy said he was satisfied with the work done during that week as he was in the fight until the last day.

He said: “It is exciting in my development to play in front of my loved ones, with a high intensity, and to play in the last groups on the weekends. I gain experience and get better every time I find myself in this position. It was great to play in Quebec and I remember many positives.”

Four other Quebecers also took part in the fairways of Le Blainvillier golf club on Sunday. Of the group, Etienne Papineau (Pinegrove) had the best result with a tie for 35th at -5 (283).

His compatriots Brandon Lacas (Knowlton, E), Johan Benson (Le Mirage +1) and Francis Tangway (Golden Triangle +2) ranked 59, 64 and 65, respectively.

what they mentioned

“I got some really clumsy shots at the end. The ball started to go really far and I’m happy to win. – Ryan Gerrard

“We are training for these situations. I would have had a lot of players trying to equalize on the 18th.” – Ryan Gerrard on having to level the 72nd hole to win.

“I hit the ball in fairway. From there I knew I could handle it, I just tried to make sure I made a smart shot and kept it under the hole. It made things as easy as possible.” — Ryan Gerrard on how to play the 72nd hole in the week.

“I’ve been golfing in college for a few years now. It’s the same thing when you’re trying to win there. You really have to focus on your game. You don’t have to worry about what other people are doing.” — Ryan Gerrard

“It wasn’t necessarily the last round I was hoping for, but I’m still satisfied with my championship, especially after such a long absence. Reaching Rounds weekend It allowed me to relive the beautiful moments on the course and I am very happy with my week. – Francis Tangway

“There are cycles where we are very comfortable and some are less comfortable, which is the case for me here. I hit the ball really well, but I had a really hard time in the Greens. It remains an excellent preparation for the Canada Cup and it was really fun to be able to play with the next generation of Golf – Johann Benson

“I’ve had a hard time doing long runs this week so it didn’t help much. Of course I’m a bit disappointed, because I was hoping to do better in front of my loved ones, but it was still a great week despite everything, especially in such a The powerful group of golfers. It’s only a matter of time before everything clicks together to play a really good game of golf. – Etienne Papineau

Attention now turns to the Sani Marc – Fenergic Canada Cup, which will bring together over 150 golfers at Victoriaville Golf Club next week. Pro-Am tournaments will be presented on Tuesday and Wednesday, after which the official rounds of play will begin on Thursday.

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