Nets owner Kevin Durant has given Joe Tsai a dirty warning

Given the big summer deal, a potential move for Kevin Durant is struggling to make right now. But that doesn’t mean nothing happens in Brooklyn, quite the contrary. According to the latest news from New York, KD was going to ask the owner of Nets to choose between him and the duo Sean Marks – Steve Nash. We are evaluating.

Kevin Durant, who passed by London this weekend, did not attend Travis Scott’s concert alongside his former bandmate James Harden. He also met with Joe Tsai to discuss his future with nets, and decided, the spoiler, to put a lot of pressure on the nets owner to try and decipher the current situation. In fact, according to Shams al-Sharaniyyah the athleteAnd the Dr. K. did not return. Only confirming his desire to be transferred but in addition to that, he issued an ultimatum to the Brooklyn president. Essentially, this is the message: “Do you want to keep me? So we’re going to have to release Shawn Marks and Steve Nash.” Just to remind you, Marks has been the Nets’ general manager since 2016, while Nash sat on the bench as coach in 2020. Not to worry, Durant doesn’t really trust the current management. From Brooklyn, or at least that’s what he wants to relocate to get what he’s been looking for for several weeks: a new home. You don’t really have to be a genius to understand that we’ve just advanced on this file, Durant apparently created a rift between him and his superiors. So far, the scenario in which the Nets resists a franchise player’s request – under an additional four-year contract – to try to leave with their existing workforce despite wanting to leave has been one possibility, but we now have more and more that are difficult to consider. This scenario certainly still applies in theory, except that the situation is getting hotter in Brooklyn. Imagine Dick landed a two-second bootcamp with Steve Nash in less than two months, hello Joe A.

In 2019, Kevin Durant and Keri Irving arrived together on the beautiful Nets built in part by Sean Marks, a project based on a strong franchise culture after Mikhail Prokhorov’s tenure when Brooklyn bet everything on the short term. A year later, Steve Nash was relegated to take control of the team on the bench following the departure of coach Kenny Atkinson a few months ago, then backed by the Kuwaiti Dinar with whom he spent several seasons at his side. Golden State. It’s 2022 now, and the Nets Championship project may seem closer to exploding than ever. We won’t go back to all the episodes that caused the current situation, but that seems pretty obvious Controversies over Kyrie Irving’s long-term extension this summer are at the heart of the chaos that characterizes the Nets right now. While Sean Marks slept a bit in front of his co-stars ahead of his chaotic 2021-22 season, the latter prompted GM to tighten the screw a bit until he refused the extension Uncle Drew requested during the off season. The ankle breaker is eventually forced to settle a $36 million player option. When we know the very close ties between Irving and Durant, it’s clear that they have left their mark and even if we don’t know exactly what prompted KD to order his trade on June 30, we probably wouldn’t be there if the nets reached an agreement with Irving on an extension. Goal we are hereAnd we can’t wait to see how this entire file unfolds in the coming days and weeks. Advice, hang in there.

Also according to Shams, Boston, Toronto and Miami remain the most credible candidates for Kevin Durant’s services. Will this pressure come from KD to open the situation up a bit? How would Jo Tsai react to his franchise player’s ultimatum? These are the kinds of questions we can ask ourselves today. Anyway, one thing is for sure: things are getting trendy in Brooklyn.

Text source: the athlete

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