Le Puy-en-Velay: 9-year-old young golfer Alex Langrené will take part in the Venice Open

Tuesday, August 16th will see Alex Langerini and his father leave the Venice Open. The 9-year-old golfer is about to take part in his first international competition. With his excellent overall standings on the Lyon Kids’ Home Tour in the US this year, he will have the opportunity to compete against twenty-seven American, Russian, and Italian players…
It is the first Altiligérien team to participate in this tournament and the only one from Haute-Loire to go there. The schedule is well defined. Tuesday, arrival in Italy. Wednesday, road survey. Then the tournament on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “I can’t wait to go,” said the junior golfer. From the height of his nine years, he is already followed by sponsors who provide his parents with financial assistance to buy equipment and pay for transportation during competitions.

Father and son passion

“I had brought putters from Spain, and when Alex saw them, he immediately recognized their purpose,” says Dorian Langrini, his father proudly. On his phone, he carefully kept videos of his three-year-old armed with a plastic baton.Alex and his dad take part in the Father and Son Championships on Sunday at Chambon-sur-Lignon Golf Course.

Alex started golf at the same time as his coach, Theo Thomas, owner of Le Puy Golf Course, who has followed him ever since. His father, the president of the Bowie School of Golf, is himself very passionate. “When he was younger, when I was finishing the course and going for a drink, Alex would sit on the side and train for hours,” recalls the father of the family.
The young contestant accompanies his father during each of his tournaments, “The results really matter to Alex. So when the competition takes a bad turn, I boost it,” says Dorian Langrenier. Generally, tournaments start on Friday and continue throughout the weekend. Alex’s father assures him: “If the parents didn’t get involved, it would be too complicated for the guys.”
But the young golfer says the same that he “plays better than dad,” while giving him a thoughtful look. Indeed, the boy preparing to return to CM2 is also conveying his passion. “At home, I train my little sister,” he says proudly. For the Langrin family, golf is a family affair!

New Bonknot Tiger Woods?

At this age, most children do not yet know what they will do in life, but Alex is sure of this: “When I grow up, I will be a professional golfer.” Et le jeune homme fait tout pour que ce rêve se concrétise, n’hésitant pas à charger son emploi du temps: 4 heures de natation par semaine, 8 heures de golf dont 2 en cours particulier et 45 de course à piedin le dimanche with his father.
The physical preparation is very important, as 18-hole courses take an average of 4.5 hours, and from the 10th hole the fatigue sets in and that’s when physical preparation makes a difference. In addition, this year Alex was part of the twelve-year-olds category, “young men who are a head taller than him and send the ball fifty metres,” defines Dorian Langrenier.Alex practices his swing an average of eight hours a week at Le Puy Golf. Benjamin Looper Millais’s photo

The Golf Club Sports Federation’s young hope continues to win a trophy awarded by the Olympic and Departmental Sports Committee (Cdos) this summer. Additionally, he joined the Regional Hope Center at the Golf du Gouverneur in Lyon. “It is complicated for a child to have a sports future in France, because there is nothing suitable,” his father realized over time. Not enough to discourage young Bonnot. Dorian Langrené hopes his son will be able to rank among the top twenty in the Venice Championship, but the rider intends to finish in the top ten!
Which is really not the motivation he lacks. When asked what he would like to do if he couldn’t become a professional golfer, the answer was simple and unequivocal: “I’ll practice more to get there,” Alex confirms, sulky…

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