JR Smith decided to play golf

Summer 2021 will forever be engraved in our fans’ memories. why ? Because flirting between July and August will save us roughly at the same time the NBA Finals, Free Agency, Olympics, Draft and Summer League. Are you serious? Oh yes. The scars of this crazy period are still there, a year later, that we decided, over the course of a few days, to remind you of some of these still presents. 2021 intravenously. today ? Going back to a day so important in human history that we don’t remind you of it every year, starting from this day.

Sunday August 15, 2021. After weeks of delays due to the pandemic, the baccalaureate correction is finally over. On the morning of the results announcement, an 8.7-magnitude earthquake struck the family home. The stairs to our room jiggled, and Darwinian climbed them like a buffalo. The door opens so hard that the handle cuts through a background with a picture of Killian Hayes. Eyes open, and then we try to decipher the slightest emotion on the face of the one who already knows our mention, perhaps we failed. “So you understand?!”. The kindergarten’s sporadic enthusiasm speaks volumes for its source: it did not come with the force of Clarence Seedorf to announce the results to us. “Nah, who cares, son, JR Smith is playing golf. Get off, your dad is already there!”. The whole family was photographed in front of the Bruce Toussaint Special Edition, telling ourselves there will never be anything like before. The greatest of the greats hung up his shoes and embarked on a sport dominated by a man named after a mammal. It’s both sad and interesting, especially when the media starts giving a voice to JR Smith and The latter does not hesitate to compare basketball to golf.

“For me, I liked to lose balance. So I used to lean left, right, forward, backward, on one leg. Left leg and right leg. And in golf, there’s side slope, down slope, and up slope. There are many The different ways to play the moves. For me who knows this environment, it makes things easier.”

And the worst part about this story is that this bastard is going to have a great time because, in parallel with his athletic activity, he is checking his first semester’s health with a 4.0 average. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University is officially his new stadium. Repeat again Four months later when JR Smith has been named the Best Academic Athlete of 2022 on its campus. This one-way cordial relationship that TrashTalk has had with JR Smith for several years – which has resulted in an offbeat handling of the news – does not pervade the symbol of this success far from the NBA floors. After getting through his first semester, he took to an Instagram Live, telling LeBron’s ex-teammate how hard it was to achieve that 4.0 GPA despite his attention disorder. Disability whose symptoms are inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity.

“I couldn’t even describe how I feel right now, I’m not going to lie. I worked really hard to get there. Oh my God, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., sometimes more. Homework when you’re not used to that kind of thing. […]

It’s even more special when you don’t think you can succeed. I heard about my disabilities, that they would play, that they would prevent me from thinking, calculating, and expressing things the way I wanted. And in spite of everything, I managed to succeed, and I will not lie to you, it makes me really happy. – JR Smith, on his Instagram

No, we didn’t talk about golf in an article about golf, yet most of the information was covered. The Eternal Bad Disciple vowed and worked and then triumphed. Given the old friend he represented to us—and our site’s editorial line, based on NBA news—it was hard not to highlight this school’s success to just talk about golf.

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