With the support of her family, a female basketball player from Gatineau reached the NCAA

My parents have always supported me in everything I do. Very early, they enrolled me in sports and thanks to them I can play basketball. My coach has also shaped me as a player, but also as a personsays the person who has spent the past three years with Cavaliers of Champlain College in Saint-Lambert, an English-speaking institution located on Montreal’s south shore.

Sauda Issa Ntakonaegizi was crowned the most valuable player in the provincial championship last season (archive).

Photo: Taken from Facebook / Champlain Cavaliers

For her parents, it was always natural to actively participate in the sports development of their daughter.

His mother, Shekila Ntakunaigiz, admits this: at first, she was not keen on basketball. Over the years, it became! We have always accompanied her. I even slept in high school classes [pendant les tournois]. She needed a parent, and that was meShe said smiling.

His father, Issa Nzwehira I thought it was important that she was active. He also appreciates all the support she was able to benefit from.

coachs. Beaucoup de gens étaient et sont toujours derrière elle. On aimerait les remercier du fond du cœur.”,”text”:”Pour se rendre où elle est présentement, elle a eu du soutien de la famille et de ses coachs. Beaucoup de gens étaient et sont toujours derrière elle. On aimerait les remercier du fond du cœur.”}}”>To get to where she is now, she got support from family and friends. coaches. Many people were and still are behind it. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Basketball player standing with her parents.

Saud Issa Natakunaigiz’s parents have always wanted their daughter to be active, but it took time for them to realize their daughter’s potential.

Photo: Radio Canada/Charles Lalande

Despite the years and distances, Soudi Issa Natakonigiz keeps in touch with his former coaches who contributed to his development as a teenager.

It was directed by Jill LeMay for six years. During her five seasons at Island High School, she led her team to three regional titles, something the school had never achieved before.

Sauda is an exceptional person. She is a very good listener and easily absorbs instructions. For a coach, it is very easy to make progressis proud of Mr. Lemay, who has become a family friend.

Marie-Audrey LeBlanc led the Gatineau population at the civic level. Since then, she has continued to follow her athletic path. I went to watch the matches at Longueuil. I am very happy to see her pursue her dream. A few years ago, I asked her about her dream and she replied that she wanted to play in the United States.

Five people stand on a basketball court.

Souda Issa Ntakunaygize (C), surrounded by her parents and former coaches.

Photo: Radio Canada/Charles Lalande

exceptional season

Saud Issa Ntakunaigze could have wrapped up his university career better. She was named MVP in the county championship before receiving the same honor at the national level.

I’ve set myself up to achieve these goals, but it’s always surprising to know how much I’ve earnedExplain humbly.

In addition to shining on the field, a 20-year-old Gatineau resident also stands on the school bench. She also got many academic privileges.

all canadian. Pour moi, l’école est tout aussi importante que le basketball.”,”text”:”J’ai obtenu la meilleure moyenne de mon équipe, et j’ai été nommé sur l’équipe académiqueall canadian. Pour moi, l’école est tout aussi importante que le basketball.”}}”>I got the best average in my team, and I got assigned to the academic team All Canadian. For me, school is just as important as basketball.

The basketball player gets her trophy.

The 20-year-old basketball player will start her college career at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania in a few weeks (files).

Photo: Taken from Facebook / Champlain Cavaliers

Student-athlete explains that this mindset fits perfectly with Lafayette College, which focuses first and foremost on academic outcomes.

Main interested party hurry To start her new life next week, although a little nervous. This summer, she spent over a month getting to know the campus and the support staff.

Sauda Issa Natakonigiz surrounded by a rival player and a woman.

Both at RSEQ and across Canada, Sauda Issa Ntaconayigize received several accolades last season (archive).

Photo: Taken from Facebook / Champlain Cavaliers

Her parents are used to her absence, but reassure them that it is about a two-hour drive from the family home. This time, you’ll be over 600 kilometers away.

It’s not easy to see her leave, but with technology we can talk to each other over video regularly.attributed to his father.

It is always difficult for the mother. It was hard to see her go to Montreal and still hard to see her go to the States. We understand that’s what you want to do and we support her in itHis mother continues.

Whether she’s in Gatineau, Montreal, or Pennsylvania, Sauda Issa Nataconagiz knows she can count on the unconditional support of her village.

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