Abdominal muscles for women: 3 exercises to build muscle without injury

With Bernadette De Gasquet, Doctor and Yoga Instructor

If we like them muscular and sculpted, prominent and even, sometimes, shiny, then the abdomen has not only an aesthetic role! They are there mainly for Preserving and protecting members to his place. Abdominal muscles are located throughout the abdomen (not just the front), and are also essential for protecting your back, movement, digestion, and breathing.

so for Build muscle without attacking themIt is important to review your habits by adopting more appropriate and less intrusive exercises.

In his book, Abs, stop the massacreMs. Bernadette de Gasquet, Doctor and Yoga teacher, never stops reminding people how important it is to protect your back and perineum when doing abdominal exercises.

To do so, his method is universal: yoga-centric exercises to strengthen her Gently and deeply for the entire abdominal girdle. To build muscle properly, it is best to avoid all exercises that push your stomach forward and push it down. We should stop bending, but instead think about lengthening the shaft, growing, and breathing.

These types of exercises change from the usual scissors and others crunches But it will help you build muscle while preventing pain and injury.

What do the stomach muscles have to do to get a flat stomach? Get started with the breathing program!

Breathing is essential To mobilize all the muscles of the abdominal girdle.

According to Dr. de Gasquet, as a rule, we breathe badly. ” You should always begin to exhale, and grow to the fullest, rather than collapse under the weight of gravity. Do not inflate your abdomen and do not obstruct your breathing. Exhale, pushing the air up, then inhale calmly through your nose.

Just by learning Breathe properly, to correct your daily situation at work, as at home, you will see it Your stomach will be flat Bernadette de Gasquet says:

Here are 3 simple exercises that you recommend doing at home, to work your entire abdominal girdle gently. Transverse, oblique, straight, everything packed!

Exercise #1: Abdominal muscle routine with self-growth

In this first exercise, start with Sit on the seat.

Press the buttocks into the seat, without rolling or arching the back. At the same time, push up on the top of your head. Imagine that there is a large bundle above your head.

Note that you must push up and down to keep your back straight: you should not arch your back.

don’t forget perineum: We catch it (as if to prevent urination) and press the buttocks down and the head up.

At the same time, We also think about breathing well We breathe in first and then exhale slowly and for a long time.

In this position, you extend your spine from the top of your head to the end of the coccyx. The back is straight and the whole body is sheathed. All abdominal muscles are working.

Try to hold this position throughout the day as soon as you are seated.

Sitting, in the same position and position as in exercise number one, put your hands on each side of the buttocks.

Keep growing as much as possible.

next one, raise one kneeblowing, then the other, this, several times.

Exercise No. 3: It works the abdominal muscles lying on the floor

For this exercise, lay on your backBend one knee so that your foot is flat on the floor. The other foot comes to rest on your bent knee. In this position, your thigh should usually be close to your belly.

Pay attention that your knee stays well in line with your body, so it shouldn’t stick out.

If you are in good posture, your back should be flat without arching. If you can’t, try supporting your head with a pillow.

Place your hands above your head and across your fingers. Then, in this exercise, puff, starting well from the perineum, then Stretch your arms behindAs an extension of your body.

If you wish, you can push your hands against the wall to help you feel your abdominal muscles improve.

Then bring your hands back while inhaling without inflating the abdomen. Perfect for a flat stomach!

You can repeat this exercise several times, at ten breaths.

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