Historic Triathlon Triathlon, Gangin with Gold, Disappointment in the Gym… What to Remember from Day Three

Six more medals on the counter! During the third day of the European Championships in Munich (Germany), Saturday 13 August, the French won the top three places in the triathlon, a historic podium. For his part, Anthony Gangin retained the title of European champion. Two climbing medals have been added to the Blue Harvest for the day. A look back at today’s landmarks on the other side of the Rhine.

Triathlon: Historic Tricolor Platform

Undivided dominance. The French signed an impressive performance in the men’s triathlon by winning the top three places. Leo Berger was crowned European champion, ahead of Pierre Le Curie and Dorian Konincks. Firmly in the pioneering peloton on the bike, the trio gradually gave up on the competition when running. After accelerating in the sixth kilometer, Leo Berger gave way to his compatriots, heading for victory.

What an achievement in a tricolor triathlon with 3 Frenchmen in the top three!  Leo Berger, Pierre Le Curie and Dorian Coonen present France with a historic trilogy!

This is the first French trio in the discipline during a European Championship. After Emma Lombardi’s beautiful bronze on Friday, the Blues can hope for a new podium finish on Sunday, during the mixed relay.

BMX Freestyle: As president, Anthony Gengin won

Anthony Gengin reigns over the ancient continent. The 24-year-old French athlete claimed his third title in Europe, after 2019 and 2021. driving afterare qualificationsThe Hab dominated the first group. But in the second round, Briton Kieran Reilly pushed him to his limit with an impressive performance (92.70 points). Anthony Jennings responded with an impressive display that earned him 93.60 points. Croatian Marin Rants ranked third (88.80 points).

European Freestyle Champion Anthony Jenningen after an impressive final run.  The Frenchman had to raise himself to defeat Britain's Kieran Riley and win his third European title.

Climbing: blues are smiling

She won her first tri-color medal of the day. Manon Healey earned an impressive bronze medal in the difficulty test with 41 successful passes. The penultimate contender in running, 28-year-old Ixoise managed to temporarily rise to second place to secure her place on the podium. Next, the last climber, Slovenian Janja Garnbrit, crushed her opponents with 50 suspensions, ahead of Austrian Jessica Bils (45 comments).

The French woman won a bronze medal in the difficulty race with a total of 41.1 points, 9 lengths ahead of Slovenian Janja Garnbrit, the gold medalist.  Austrian Jessica Biles wins the silver medal.

In the men’s class, Sam Haviso became the European Vice Champion in rock climbing, having achieved two peaks (highest endurance) on the four rocks to be climbed. He won the silver behind Nikolai Oznik (Austria) and ahead of Adam Ondra (Czech Republic).

Another Frenchman, Magdi Schalk, finished fourth, a promising performance for this young climber who is barely 18 years old. Manuel Corno, despite winning the qualifiers, failed to finish 11th in the semi-finals, with only one block validated during his pass.

Bicycle path: Mixed day

Bad results for French cyclists on Saturday after Friday’s raid. If Sebastian Weiger and Ryan Hilal managed to qualify for the sprint semi-finals, the fortunes of the other tricolores were very different.

Sebastien Vigier won the beautiful in the quarter-finals of the individual sprint.  And just as Ryan Hilal qualified earlier, he will face Britain in the semi-finals.

Mary Devin Kwame crashed in the 500m final, while Valentine Fortin finished fourth in the elimination race. Donavan Grunden has not earned a medal in Zero Point, nor a qualification for Valentin Tablion and Thomas Dennis in their pursuit.

Rowing: French VI only

Victor Marcelot, Benoit Brunet, Théophile Onfroy and his brother Valentin could do nothing in the men’s quartet final against the undefeated Italians and Poles. Despite good resistance during the first 1,000 metres, the French then broke to finish sixth, 9.50 winners.

France's Valentin Onfroy, Benoit Brunet, Victor Marcelot and Théophile Onfroy finished sixth in the men's four-way final at 6'16''27.  Italy culminates in front of Poland and Romania.

Gymnastics: a killer ray for the French

Unfortunately, the medal hopefuls gymnastics Travel quickly to the France team. Marine PowerLorette Sharpe, Allen Friese, Carolan Hedwitt and Morgan Osijek-Reimer only finished sixth. They did not perform as expected on the crossbar, often their strong point, which punished them for the rest of the competition. Morgan Osijek-Reimer fell significantly twice.

The Italians, led by Asia D’Amato, the individually crowned, imposed themselves. The British and Germans complete the podium. The next meeting on Sunday for French women during the finals of the device.

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