Interview with Jean-Louis Bordier, former president of Sporting in Vichy

Jean-Louis Borderr served five terms of deputies with Jean Lacarin and Claude Malhoret, three times as regional councilor. Passionate about politics, but also golf. says to himself.

You were the head of Sporting for 8 years? Head Sporting took notice when I combined golf, tennis, and the pool. In 1982, all structures were owned by Compagnie fermière. The latter’s bosses were automatically Sporting bosses. I am unique (laughs), and finally the only person who has presided over the history of the company without being a part of it.

Between 1982-1990, did things change? We have taken advantage of the large television rights of the Galéa Cup to start work on the three entities. The reception building and the changing rooms date from this period. The club waddled between vichysso-vichyssois. We doubled the number of members to 400.

Welcome, the real start on the golf course Sporting Club de Vichy (Allier)

private memory? Organizing international championships for practitioners. They came from all over Europe of course, but also from Lebanon, Chile, Colombia, Korea, India … The money raised went to cancer research.

Whether it is necessary to quote the specificity of this mathematical system? Humility at the beginning of parity. The course is immutable, it is the main criterion. The challenge is before you. Someday you will be exceptional. The next day you are out for the day as the British say. In other words, completely useless in bourbon. But beware, you can suddenly touch the transcendence. The difference with heroes is that they frequently rub shoulders with him.

What place does La Grande Semaine Internationale occupy in the sporting season? This is the big Vichy golf family reunion. We come here every year to find friends and friends of friends that we only see on this occasion. There is also this global aspect that allows you to play different opponents.

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Do you keep practicing? Less than I’d like and, ironically, more time. Then my body sets limits for me. This sport requires physical effort. All great heroes are athletes.

As an ex-elected representative, what does Sporting Golf Club in Vichy mean to you? A sporting, tourist and economic reality, and I will add the Sports Societies Act of 1901 which requires no support, neither from the city council nor from the conglomerate. Finally, a green setting that contributes to the recognized charm of Allier Lake.

Arthur, The Little Prince of Sporting

King Arthur is not yet into golf, but at his age, all dreams are permitted. Meanwhile, he is impressed by his maturity. Even his professor who sees a “possibility” there…
“How are you, Arthur?” “Little frown indicates that ‘not much.’ In fact, on that day, Arthur came to practice his scales with his father.” Since golf school has been discontinued, I’ve gone downhill. The impression of more knowledge. However, he has joined Big Week.
Eighteen holes for this 9 year old boy! “Last time, I got stuck in hole number 16.” He’s been playing for a year now and Arthur loves golf, even if you have to work a lot.” First “because we’re cool. No racket like school basketball. Then there are rules to follow. Silence, we don’t scream, even when we make a gentle move. Smile delicately. We pay attention to others because hitting ball can be dangerous. »
Everything is in scale, but bent. “Unlike basketball where the reward is collective, there, it’s all yours. That’s fine too, isn’t it?”

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