Donald Trump buried his ex-wife under the golf course to stop paying taxes? It’s the shock!

After the death of his first wife, Donald Trump decided to bury her at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. However, the former president chose to bury his ex-wife in this place Raised a lot of questions in the media. Was he going to bury him on this land for tax reasons? We tell you everything.

Ivana Trump dies at 73

This Thursday, July 14, 2022, the Trump family I received some bad news. In fact, Ivana Trump, the first wife of the former president, passed away at the age of 73 in her home. She died of a chest injury sustained when she fell down the stairs.

Ivana Trump was a former model and athlete. she of Czech descent She moved to Canada in 1970. Seven years later, she married Donald Trump. From their union the first three children of former President Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric were born. that they Divorced in 1992 And they decided to live their lives separately.

The deceased wrote several books, and married again Rossano Rubicondi, but did not last long. On the other hand, Donald Trump married an actress named Marla Maples, with whom he had Tiffany. Then in 2005, he married Melania, who became the first lady.

The death of Ivana Trump Donald Trump is so sad. For him, the mother of his children “She was a wonderful, beautiful and wonderful woman, with a wonderful and inspiring life”. Besides, he decided to bury him at Trump National Golf Club, in his golf course. Cucumber caused a lot of ink to flow.

Does Donald Trump want to pay less taxes?

Donald Trump is known not only as a former president, but also as a polemicist. It was often The source of various scandals. This mood got him banned from Twitter. Moreover, his choice to bury his ex-wife on the golf course raised many questions.

As far as we can remember, Ivana Trump had no special attachment to this field. Especially since he bought this place ten years after their divorce in 2002. Why did Melania’s husband choose this place, a golf course, for him? burying his first wife ?

A lot of the media think it might be because of taxes. It should be noted that according to the New Jersey tax code: any land designated for cemetery purposes is exempt from all taxestaxes and deductions. And the former president could use this to exempt his golf course from taxes.

Turning a golf course into a cemetery

Donald Trump had this project in mind since 2007. He wanted it Building a mausoleum for his family On his golf course. But the billionaire faced the rejection of the residents of Bedminster, who judged this extravagant project.

But this did not stop him, in 2012 he wanted to build a cemetery for his family. This place would be able to accommodate another 1,000 people who wanted to be buried next to it. Therefore, according to the information “Washington Post”You will have to purchase a perpetual membership to your golf club.

Two years later, in 2014, the Trump Organization finally submitted its documents for the construction of these cemeteries in Bedminster. It is written in these documents that “Donald Trump chose this particular property as his final resting place because it is his favorite property.”.

Preferred property or property that he wants to earn without paying taxes… We’ll let you decide for yourself. It should be noted, however, that the Trump family She had quite a few pans regarding their reports to the tax authorities.

In 2019, Donald Trump and two of his sons, for example, were indicted by New York courts fraudulent tax practices. The least we can say is that the character is no stranger to scandals of this nature. Even the former head of state is subject to a parliamentary investigation Capitol Assault.

Anyway, the person with the name Trump is now buried on this earth. The law indicates that with only a grave, an individual can take advantage of the tax exemption. case to follow.

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