Bronny James presents, Bilal Coulibaly is the best player

We were in Nanterre on Monday evening, for the California Basketball Association meeting Bronnie James, and a selection of French potential customers compiled by Comsport, as part of the AX Euro Tour. If the room can seat 3,000 spectators, there are still many people around the enclosure to try to get a ticket and attend the event. The enthusiasm and presentation were on par as we had a very nice evening.

Here’s what to remember from this game that will be remembered by the American media especially Bruni James’ dunk in the second half.

Bronny James “legit”

We wondered if, even in his age group and in an exhibition match, Bronnie James He can go the distance against strong international players and are among the best in Europe. The answer is yes. There is, of course, that huge immersion that blew up the Palais des Sports at Nanterre (see below), but the offspring of the ‘King’ showed themselves in their favour for much of the evening.

His team’s top scorer (25 points), the high school student from Sierra Canyon, showed great skill in finishing the race close to the circuit and in a strong, controlled drive. We’ve also seen him bring back some quite reassuring exterior shots for adaptation and future use at the college level. Note that Bronny James left his partners before money time after making the fifth foul. Too bad, because his partners failed to fit a bit of the blues behind it.

His father anyway appreciates him from his couch.

As for his little brother Bryce, we saw him quite a bit, which is normal because he was two to three years younger than most players on Earth. He still had time to hit a small hook on the board at the end of the game and lose a ball or two that could be avoided. Everything is on time.

Bryce James
Bryce James, LeBron’s middle son, played a few minutes during the match. (Photo: F. Blaze)

Talent also among junior blues Bilal Coulibaly Royal

Bilal Coulibaly
Bilal Coulibaly, the best player in the meeting, at work. (Photo: F. Blaze)

Comsport and her husband, Bouna N’Diaye-Jérémy Medjana, put together a talented tricolor team for the event. The Frenchman, the tallest and most athletic, overturned a breaching stance in the first half to finally win (97-85). Found MVP of the meeting after the bell: Bilal Coulibaly.

Returning from Eurobasket U18 where he was one of the Patients of the Three Colors despite being eliminated in the quarter-finals, the young talents of the Metropolitans were above the rest. Coulibaly who shined with his efficiency, energy and athletic qualities scored 25 points to 8/10 while being active in all other areas of the game, and we risk talking about the boy again in the coming years.

Maxim Log (15 points) changed the dynamics of the match when the French were behind with Roman Dumont (12 points), Extension 4 of Gravelines, or Melvin Aginka (12 points) who did more than fall on the wrong side of the Bronny James movement poster.

Beautiful people in the stands and in the air

Despite the stifling heat at the Palais des Sports in Nanterre, the audience played the game and appreciated what they saw, whether they were experts or just curious. Presenter Pierre Salzman-crochet delivered the show and furnished it well during the few “television downtime” requested by ESPN.

If LeBron James hadn’t made the trip to Nanterre, many basketball personalities would have thronged the stands. Tyrone LowLos Angeles Clippers coach, Victor Wimpanyamacame to see his little brother Oscar and chat in the booth with ESPN commentators, Nicholas BatumParis Saint-Germain striker Hugo Eketique And a few others. We saw Tai Lou talking with Victor Wimpanyama. There is little chance that the Clippers will qualify this season to position themselves on the Frenchman, who was announced as the No. 1 spot in the 2023 draft, but you never know…

In any case, we hope that events like this will be repeated in France in the future, as well as the Paris NBA games. It’s a slightly different show, but it’s also interesting to see the prospects and the show.

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