Golf: Leaf “Kills the Soul of Golf”


golfLeif “Kills the Soul of Golf”

Yves Mitaz, president of the Omega European Masters in Crans Montana, went on a real-life sermon against the Saudi billionaire’s project rocking the foundation of the little white ball.

Yves Mitaz during his championship in 2019.

Images by imago / Frederic Dupuy

Next week the traditional European masters of Omega will take place, in the Upper Valais Plateau. Inevitably, at a press conference before the tournament, its organizer was launched on the topic of LIV Golf – a professional golf course, funded by the Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia – which completely liberated the small white fund. ball market. Suffice it to say that it was not necessary to severely fire director Yves Metaz, who put the dots on i once and for all.

“I think that, in today’s golf, we prefer to organize the real world circuit, the organizer of the event to be held from 25-28 August in Valais began. It would be good for the discipline to have a real, legible structure, as in tennis or in other sports. Today, there is a lot of money at stake, and our position on LIV is very clear: we consider that, as in all professions in the world, there must be a relationship between the work that is done and the money that is earned.

“With LIV Golf, we embarked on a totally crazy project. It’s arrogant.

Yves Mitaz

Without sparing his words, he continued, “Today, with LIV Golf, we’ve started a completely imaginary project. Arrogant. Where, at last, we pay tens or hundreds of millions of francs to players (note: we’re talking about an offer of over half a billion that Tiger Woods would have turned down).” …) to play two or three days golf with an escalation of show championships that are sportingly worthless For us, in agreement with our main sponsor, we have not communicated with the golfers who are part of this circuit.

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Despite the “threat” of the LIV, the plateau on the upper plateau often promises to fly high. During their press conference held ten days before the start of hostilities, the organizers formalized the participation of Miguel Ángel Jiménez (ESP), winner in Valais in 2010 and at 13 PGA Championships, twins Rasmus and Nikolai Hoegard (Dan), respectively defending champions. . and RAK Championship February 2022 winner Danny Willett (England), Sebastian Soderbergh (SU), who won at Kranz in 2019, or even Ryan Fox (New Zealand), Adrian Mironke (Paul), Sean Crocker (USA) and Richie Ramsay ( Eko), Kali Samuga (Ven), Victor Perez (Fra), Adri Arnaud (ESP), Ewen Ferguson (Echo) and Ashun Wu (Che), whose names will ring in the ears of professionals.

On the Swiss side, there are three out of the ten invited professionals. They are Benjamin Roach, Joel Gerbach and Matthias Eggenberger. It will be necessary to add the winning eSport qualifying tournament to this list. Players from all over the world have been able to play from home on the simulator, and the top three will meet next Tuesday for a jump seat in the tournament. The winner will start on Thursday morning. There will also be six amateurs, including Maximilian Stordza, in Geneva.

We will talk about them as little as possible. We talk about it for a few minutes during this press conference, but we will not talk about it anymore. It is not worth any discussion at all, this project is arrogant and hated for this sport. I don’t think you can just walk and buy a sport like These people. There is a history, structure and sums that are really paid out in a big way every year…”

In Kranz, this year, two million dollars will reach the pockets of the players, including 340 thousand for the winner alone. “Unfortunately, for some friends, the players will not be coming to Valais this year. Because we don’t support the project at all. And I think that kills the spirit of golf. Golf is respect, it’s class, it’s kindness. Today, we realize that there is a lot of aggressiveness and arrogance out there. and contempt and I think we can’t accept such things. Period.”

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