5 things to know about Marine Johannès, the French hard mass that lights up the USA!

World Basketball now knows his name and face. Already so prominent on the European decks, she has exceeded all expectations on WNBA grounds, where she scores regularly. Let’s discover Maren Yohannes, the French women’s basketball star, in 5 little-known tales.

Editor’s note : Certainly the most noteworthy person has noticed, with this number dedicated to Marina Iohannis, it is simply the first time a character outside of the NBA has joined our column. Come on, already an anecdote about the player.

1. She is a “relative” of Nicholas Batum

Born in Lisieux in Calvados (14), Marina Johannes’ first club was Pont l’Évêque. Exactly the same path was taken by Nicholas Batum, who over time became the mentor of the young player and who now considers him his “little sister”. Yohannes and Batum meet for the first time when Marin is not yet 10 years old. You will also participate in one of the camps given by the former Blazer player.

Nicholas Batum often tells the tale of the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics:

Finding myself at the opening ceremony with her, I took a photo and sent it to Sebastien Meunier, president of the Pont l’Évêque club: “Do you realize that a town of 7,000 people took two children to the Olympics?” Does not seem to! That’s why it’s such a great story.

And the link between the two doesn’t seem ready to stop. In addition to a joint camp with Nicholas Batum, Marines Johannes joined ASVEL in 2019, with “Batman” taking a leadership role. On Twitter, the Clippers player also interacts very regularly with several notable features of the French woman in the WNBA.

2. Inspired by Steve Curry

Step back, blind pass, liberal play style, speed and fluidity of shooting gestures. Marin Yohannes makes no secret of it, the Warriors captain is the inspiration for her game, and she’s an NBA fan, she started liking Tony Parker, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant…but not only. It is he who announces “I knew I wasn’t going to run two metres” (She’s 1.77m tall today) Then I looked at the game of little leaders like Stefon Marbury, Jason Williams, or even Jason Kidd.

With Steve Curry’s latest shining dominance and style, Marine now misses a bit of a Baby-Faced Assassin performance:

He’s even my favorite player in recent years. I watch everything he does in every game, and there are very few of them. Whenever I can watch a Golden State game, I do it.

George Eddy describes Navy Yohannes as “Copy” for the American leader. RMC Sport also dedicated a 28-minute report entitled “Marine Johannès, Curry à la française”.

And if you’re still skeptical about the comparison, ask Maya Moore…

3. She is the only non-American player in the Euroleague top 10 goalscorer list

Maren Johannes, 27, is starting to gain valuable experience. She started her professional career in 2011 in Mondeville (at the age of 16), then discovered the Euroleague with Borg as well as major international competitions with the France team (Euro Basketball, World Cup, Olympics). During the 2018-2019 season in Borg, she had the best votes in the Euroleague with 15.1 points, 2.8 rebounds, 4.7 assists and an average rating of 13.5. Appears in eighth place in Top 10 scorers from competition. A solid achievement because this rating is largely dominated by American players. In fact, the other nine girls are Americans (Bria Hartley is French-American, born in the US, and Ally Quigley is a naturalized but from Illinois, editor’s note). The rooster is not afraid of the American eagle!

4. Shy, she struggles with the media

Very shy, she has to impose her nature when cameras or microphones get close. In everyone’s opinion, Maren Johannes does not like to indulge in the exercise of the media and she easily admits that it is not her part. During the 2018 World Cup, the back of the French national team tried to dodge the press conference.

praise? Too little for those who wish to be “forgotten” in the words of its former boss at Bourges, Pierre Faust. Unfortunately, her on-pitch character is completely at odds with what she has to offer. Defenses rarely find the solution to stop his creativity and his boldness. After failing to express in words, Marin Yohannes expresses herself perfectly with the ball in hand. This we will not blame.

5. His work progress rate is incredible

Marin’s talent is amazing. She adapts quickly, and proves it during her first season in the WNBA with the New York Liberty. Very quickly, I fell He scored his points against Washington (22).

But to reach this level, natural inclinations are not enough. For several years, Johannes was restricted to an average of 500 rounds per day and 3 hours of training in order to advance over and over again. When you are told it is a UFO!

Bonus: his initials and number please enter

During the 2018-2019 season at Borg, Navy Johannes changed her number. Complete on 8th and Welcome to…23. Do you see us coming? Yes, that gives MAren yOhans 23This is it MJ23. Just like His Majesty Michael Jordan. Just a coincidence? of course not:

I had the number 8, before the 5. I had to change due to the shirts being pulled, and the 23 pleased me well. I hesitated to take it, thinking it might be too much.

But I ended up saying to myself “Come on, it’s just a number…”

The original article was written by Roman Mondoli

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