Back to Bronny James’ pass at Nanterre

Two days after his visit to Nanterre, Bruni James is currently in Rome as he prepares, on Thursday, August 18, to challenge Stella Azzurra from Camoranesi Jr. and Fabio Grosso’s nephew. A meeting which we will follow closely, just to illustrate the first idea we can have of which player style is: well-ventilated, engrossed in the game, and who, on the bell, will say no more than two or three centimeters. debriefing.

“He will take all the balls, and it remains to be seen what he does with them.”. On Monday, August 15, a few hours before the confrontation between the French prospects and California Basketball club, our suspicions were activated in a good number of hasty and preconceived analyzes based on the idea that we could get ” Son “. Example ? Regardless of his level, the media space occupied by Bronny James will give him free passes to the NBA where some of his shortcomings will be difficult to hide. yeast? No, rather distrust regarding the still mysterious profile, which few scouts manage to measure and take to the highest level. Two years of his potential draftScarcely Scout Reports He explains Bronny James’ potential while taking the reader by the hand with common terms and meaningful similes. This is what we tried to do.

It didn’t take Bronny James long to prove his worth: a complicated first three or four minutes, passing paths cut by Bilal Coulibaly, and then that positive authorization to receive home. The Bronca on all of his losing balls will only destabilize him for a while. classic? The impulse, the first defender in the wind, projected under the circle, responds with talent. Bronny knows how to adapt finishing touches to defenders’ positions without getting caught up in anything major. for him “up and down” – In addition to being aesthetic – combine delicate touch with optimal contact absorption. At only 17 years old, we have already discovered this energy that is controlled at the endWhich he did not inherit from his uncle or from his distant cousin. To make it more authentic than the comparison with Darwin, his profile reminds us a bit of Donovan Mitchell. At the level of a high school student, eh, but he’s also comfortable with dribbling and loves to fight with those who give him back centimeters. His room for improvement lies exclusively in attack management, tempo and intensity, as he still struggles to put his teammates in the right mood. At “only” 1.91 meters – conspiracy theorists claim it is 1.88 meters (and they may be right) – he needs to improve his management board. Same Topo in defense where, unlike France’s Madiba Ouna, Bilal Coulibaly and Maxime Lugo, we saw him very little.

This poster. This damned post. Of course, this action is nothing but a water lily in a water lily pond (worst expression): Bruni scored 25 points, went out with five fouls, lost the match, and Bilal Coulibaly was named MVP in this second clip of the tower’s axis. But now, when the son of LeBron James – one of the most influential athletes in history – comes to Nanterre, and he steps onto the field like a TGV and crushes his face making it ten centimeters, should we clap and sit down? This is the first highlight of his career. In addition, he criticized a team of young people who, for the most part, have already begun professional training. We’ve made some great discoveries on the French side, but is it a disgrace to travel with the goal of seeing one player more than the other? It doesn’t say that the vast majority of 3,000 spectators paid their tickets to see the Sons of James play, it’s simply saying that the vast majority of 3,000 spectators paid their tickets to see the Sons of James play. Therefore, it is a bit hypocritical to be surprised by the enthusiasm surrounding Bruni, which is centered on excessive logic, and inevitably at the center of attention. And even when the media puts a cover on the wonderful Roman Dumont – which we’ve done well here – Bruni James remains the readers’ number one anchor. This is called popular phenomenon. Is it an epidemic? Not at all, it’s even what keeps the interest around the sport. So understand that at the dawn of his first major professional meetings – the NCAA in the summer of 2023, the NBA draft in the summer of 2024 – a coup from LeBron’s son at Nanterre will get people talking. This does not contradict the praise of the French. It is better to do both.

Speaking well of LeBron James’ son in a loss to the French, despite a 25-point match sheet, is like walking on eggshells with Doc Martens. Well we were going to talk about the second there, the speculum who played 10 minutes and scored the happiest shot in Maurice Thorez history, maybe it was a little difficult.

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