Basketball. Level 1: USLG Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, “Healthy Range That Really Works”

USLG Cherbourg-en-Cotentin players led by Johann Bonnet (right) resumed training on August 8 and will play their first friendly match on Saturday against Trégueux. (© La Presse de la Manche)

Johann Bonn, New USLG coach Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (channel), store after a week of preparation.

News: Your team resumed training on August 8. How is this early preparation going?

Johann Bonn: Very well. The first day was devoted to interviews and individual physical exams. Since then, we alternate between physical preparation, basics and pre-collective. Now we can’t wait to get to know each other, for our first friendlies, starting on Saturday against Trégueux.

Do you come up with very specific game principles?

JB: Yes, I will put things in their proper place. But the idea is to adapt to what the players like to do, so that they find themselves in every form of play, and have highlights for everyone. We have five weeks to improve all of this.

The team is still in a very complicated season. Is there trauma within the group or has the workforce renewal made it possible to erase it?

JB: This job to erase the trauma, has been since I had my first contact with the guys. The idea is to go ahead. It seems to me that the girls who were there last year are off on a good footing. Then there’s a lot of new stuff, between the room, the machine, and some players. We passed personal questionnaires to work on group cohesion. This may not be what will win matches, but in the difficulty we see a unified team going in the same direction.

“I will count on everyone”

You insist too much to hold together…

JB: Yes, it is important, even if winning, there are many other criteria. But it is always easier to live with good and bad outcomes, when there is coherence, when we are able to say and listen to each other things. We’re working on it, I’ve put together something that will make the group think of themselves, then try to get to know each other better, and finally build goals together.

Your team is a mixture of rookies, experienced players, young…

JB: The “dean” are Justin (Barthelemy), 29, and Desiree (Bacabdio), 26, who are therefore not very old, but have experience. I will rely on them, of course, but I will rely on everyone, including the youngest. We have a healthy group that really works and pulls in the same direction. It’s only the beginning, we haven’t played any game yet.

The five recruits were watched by their coach

Johann Bonn talks about five new USLG players.

Enas Nazirwa (inside)
“She is currently playing play-off matches in Rwanda with one of her previous clubs, where she was already involved. It is what we wanted. So we agreed to wait for him to arrive at the end of August – beginning of September.”

AJ Timbers (inside)
“She’s an American who hasn’t been transferred, she didn’t play last year, and she needs to get back in the saddle physically and play again. The reason we brought her in is because she’s skilled, especially at 3 points.”

Justin Barthelemy (indoor)
“She is very versatile, she can play both position 4 and position 5. She is strong, she will bring intensity in defense, and she can also take responsibility in attack.”

Corale Cadario (leader)
“She has defensive qualities, but also in the organization of the game, as we saw during the trainings.”

Amans Kerbauhl (President)
“She came from the Nantes training center. She will be a complement to Choral, she is able to shoot. She has youthful enthusiasm. »

Interview by Aurélien REY

Videos: Currently in Actu

friendly. Saturday August 20 (7:00 pm): USLG – Trégueux (N2), in Nordez; Saturday, August 27: Ifs (N1) – USLG, in Ifs; Wednesday, August 31: USLG – Ifs (N1), at Nordez; Wednesday, September 7: Moundville (LF2) – USLG, in Moundville; Saturday 10 September: USLG – Le Havre (N1) at Nordez.

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