Edinson Cavani, good idea for OGC Nice? Gym experts and legends answer

Vincent Dulock: “He can make others better”

“The clubs Cavani went to never had to complain… He’s an exceptional scorer and an exceptional team player. He’s from 1987. In the same year with Benzema. At Manchester United, he had a good time. Especially. In the first year. Then he got injured and injured him.” The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, the best of Cavani was before. It was Paris. We know that. But I would be very surprised if he didn’t have more to give. When they look how Ibra was after PSG, why he wasn’t, and today the striker continues. Longer, better prepared and better protected.

If you think he will score 25 goals, then doubt. But if you rely on 15 goals, you can go. Plus, it’s a World Cup year in the middle of the tournament. Cavani still holds the Uruguayan badge. He will go to Qatar. And comprehensively! In Nice, he can make others better. Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, he does not extinguish youth. exactly the contrary. With Goiri, he can play every day. It will help him well. The scorer will not put pressure on the shoulders of others. Cavani can wear it, he’s used to it. Matador in Nice is a good idea. Well, I believe in that.”

Jean-Noel Hack: ‘Nice was hitting the table’

“Cavani in Nice: It’s hard to say no. His arrival will give a boost to the transfer window. By signing such a player,
The gym was knocking on the table. Other clubs look at us differently. OM Alexis Sanchez took over, okay. With Cavani, Ness did better. more powerful. He can attract a lot of people to the Allianz family.”

“Cavani is not just a name. He is a typical striker. Not the one who goes around the other, no, the striker. The one who shoots. The player scored 200 goals with PSG. You can imagine … with him, you know where you’re going. He has a competitive mindset. After Ben Arfa’s bet, Cavani’s bet. Looks good, no…”

Roland Corbis: “It changes the atmosphere for you”

“I’ll ask you again. Why wouldn’t Cavani’s arrival in Nice be a good idea? I’m waiting for you to arrive
Arguments… Given the seriousness of the man, his human qualities and football, I would say yes. yes. Cavani is a great player, a great scorer and an example. You put it on the field, in the locker room, in the hotel in the middle of the group or anywhere else, it changes the atmosphere for you. He is a winner. And a winner.”

“He’s behind Dante, up front will be Cavani. You’ll tell me he’s 35. But you don’t have to use him for 95 minutes in every game. There you send him to the infirmary. But if I make him play an hour here, an hour there, don’t worry.” So I say yes to Cavani’s bet again.”

Eric Roy: “To drive it”

“His profile will benefit the team. Edinson Cavani is a resume, a reputation, a business card. When you have the ambition to take a step forward, you need this kind of player.”

“Cavani is closer to the end of his career from the start, but he hasn’t felt fatigued, much less than others at his age (35). He has that South American Grenta, all-ball mentality, which gives him leadership. Nice is a mixture of experienced players and young, but young They need standards and examples and Cavani is one of them. In Nice, he was scoring goals. Why? Because he scored everywhere. On the offensive front, Guerry, Stings, Eli likes to have the ball at his feet. Edinson will bring depth, you need that.”

Gernot Rohr: “Memorial of Corbelo”

“It’s going to be a bet, an attractive bet. Nice has already made one with Ramsey. Edinson Cavani is the temper of Latin America. In the history of Le Gym, there is already a great Uruguayan player who has scored for the club, Carlos Corbelo (from 1980 to 1988). Nice is a land of welcoming those players with Warm mood. We can mention the other South American players who made the club happy, Pancho Gonzalez and many other players in the fifties and then Jorge Dominguez, Pablo Rodriguez…”

“For Cavani, will Nice be able to afford his salary? Cavani didn’t play much last season, that might sound like a question. At that time (2002) we took Kappa Diawara who doesn’t play much for PSG anymore, he told us 12 target.”

Carlos Bianchi: “A great professional”

“Cavani, a good idea for Nice? That question, you have to ask the coach. To Lucien Favre. I can only tell you that Cavani, whom I had the opportunity to meet in Paris, is a great professional. Saying that, I have said it all. He is a goalscorer. Real goal. Stop! I’m no longer participating. The ball is in the Nice captains camp…”

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