Julian Brun, the most Czech French golfer…

After a month-long break and 18 tournaments on the clock in 2022, Julian Brown Gently this Thursday the road competition for DP World Tour. You don’t have to worry about hotel reservations, even fewer airline tickets and cold sweats when it comes to keeping track of your waiting golf bag… and for good reason. Antibois has been installed for nearly three years now in Prague (Czech Republic) Playing at home this week.

even better. The eighth edition of D + D real Czech master (1.75 million euro endowment) argue in his garden ‘.l’Albatros Golf Resorta scale of 72 by 6,829 metres, no longer holds any secrets for him.

This is my golfwarns the French golfer. I have been training there for more than two years. I’m there almost every day. It is only 20-25 minutes from my house. I’ll be able to sleep at home every night this week… »

We don’t have many such courses in Francecontinued. It’s a beautiful road, in a beautiful setting… There are little forests in the landscape… We’re in the countryside… It’s also quite a challenge for the professionals. But there are no impossible holes, there is always a way to get to the hole by rolling the ball. There are many starter tees to adapt distances. On some courses, the game does not exist and is almost impossible to play for a lambda golfer. Here, this is not the case. It’s really good to play… The European Tour has been here for a few years now (Editor’s note, first time in 2014 with a Welsh victory Jimmy Donaldson). »

Prague, one of the most beautiful European capitals

Julian Brun, his Slovak partner, is definitely the most popular French-Czech golfer. When not in tournaments or visiting Arcangues (64) in his coach, Olivier LéglisHe spends his life here in the Czech Republic. And to listen, he is not about to leave, tempted by the quality of life and the tranquility of one of the most beautiful European capitals …

I can’t be far from spending half the year hereConfirms. Prague is a wonderful city. There is a very nice compromise between monuments, churches and more modern residences. There are beautiful gardens. It is a fairly green city, which is still on a human scale. It’s a capital but you don’t feel lost there. Then for golfers, there are some great spots near town. It’s very rare to get so many turns in half an hour… »

However, golf is still an elite sport, it is still expensive for the average Czech lifestyle, less than here in France…

Despite the less favorable weather than in Spain or Portugal, especially in winter, golf tourism continues to develop in the Czech Republic. According to the official website of czech golf federation107 courses are listed there across the country for 53,252 players with a license.

It’s still a new market, but it has great potentialJulian Braun, who recently appeared on the cover of a magazine, adds Golf Digest czech. Green fee rates are very reasonable. However, golf is still an elite sport, it is still expensive for the average Czech lifestyle, less than here in France… »

Svatopluk Byma, the local touch

To be in touch a bit more with the host country, offer the services of a local physical trainer, Svatoplok Bima. One of the best players in his field, affiliated with the Czech Golf Association which cooperates with many national players, such as Clara Spilkovathe Czech golf flag holder that works alike Women’s European Tour (Leaves) and the LPGA Tour.

It’s been a year and a half since I started with himconfirms Julian Brun. I was able to see his work on social networks. It doesn’t look that bad to me. So I called him. Then I needed someone there. I initially tried working remotely with the software, but felt I needed someone on site to be more organized and pushed in the field. it went well. I am happy to work with him. It is important to do well in this sector. This is one of my good results. I am calmer, better prepared, and it shows in my performance. On the other hand, my progress in Czech is almost non-existent. My investment does not exist. It is a complex language, which has different sounds than our own. You have to start over. »

English, much simpler than Czech …

So the English language acts as a natural gateway. An increasingly strong confidence which will also allow him to intervene a little more in the training process that has been established with Olivier Léglis.

We’re starting to bring it a little more into the loop at swing level, in collaboration with OlivierConfirms. Oliver will be here in two or three weeks. We can assemble them all. It will also come to Italy… We keep moving forward. »

My goal at the beginning of the season was to qualify for the final in Dubai. I’m a little late with that, but we’re still on time.

Waiting for the D+D match to kick off on Thursday, the Real Czech Masters won twice by the Belgian Thomas Peters (2015 and 2019)Julian Braun, try his hand Czech Open Championship last week in Royal Perun Golf Club, back in the outskirts of Prague. And in good health. In this tournament that brought together the best professionals in the country, the Frenchman won -23 after a play-off against the Czechs Alice Korink (who is also at the start of a master’s program in the Czech Republic this week). Something to reassure yourself before the big deadlines between the end of August and the whole month of September on the DP World Tour.

My goal at the beginning of the season was to qualify for the final in Dubai (Editor’s note, collecting the first 50 in order), concludes. I’m a little late with that, but we’re still on time. (87th in order). There are a lot of points that come in the big leagues. After the Czech master thenEuropean Masters OmegaI’ll take a break and not go to Denmark. Then I will play Wentworth (BMW PGA Championship), andItaliaI’French Open and the Dunhill links. I will ignore Madrid I will be in Valderrama (13-16 October). It’s a beautiful sequence. »

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