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The Japanese developers at Chuhai Labs don’t hang out. Established in 2020, Studio Kyoto is serializing production with a second project that has already started after Whitewater Way Out, a game released on Panic’s Playdate. After surfing, here you will find golf, and a walk on more traditional props this time around. A first attempt tinged with originality, which the publisher of Thunderful Games would like to turn in a “hole-in-one” way.

It’s not always exciting to view golf as a sport, but it quickly found arguments to please video game players. There are now all genres, with simulations sealed with a PGA Tour, and scripted arcade games often taken up by Mario and his cohorts. Sometimes we find more secret products that manage to get out of this duo situation, as with Golf Story or RPGolf Legends that finally manage to use the sport as an excuse Serve us a fun and innovative adventure to play. It is somewhat similar to the spirit borrowed by Cursed to Gold and Japanese developer Chuhai Games.

It all starts during a world class golf competition you’re about to win. Opportunity to learn about the main mechanics of the gameplay as this introduction takes the form of a tutorial. The controls are easy to understand with 3 steps to take in order to hit the ball. First of all you have to choose a club among the three offered, then adjust the force, and finally determine the angle of the strike thanks to the curve of the dotted lines which shows us the path our ball will take after hitting it. Simple concept but presents real difficulty because the angle is not determined by the player. In fact, the dotted path is in perpetual motion, and it is It is necessary to anticipate the minimum shot to send the ball where you want it.

And to be precise, you should be able to tame the golf curse. Because Golf Purgatory, the place that welcomes you while you wait to know your ultimate destiny, takes Somewhat crook-like shape. As for classic golf, you have to finish 18 holes in hopes of leaving this really unwelcoming setting. For this, the player starts each hole with five hits on the counter and must face the randomly generated levels. The levels are not at all linear and offer many shortcuts, forcing the player to observe and analyze the layout of his environment rather than go headlong. You also have to avoid traps because puddles of water make you lose a turn, while bunkers slow you down. With the places visited, new dangers come that make the adventure more complicated. Fortunately, the player can still count on the presence of small gold or silver idols and statues that, once broken by your ball, allow you to recover 2 or 4 extra shots. Once again, their position forces the player to think a bit to figure out how to break them while gaining a real advantage. It is also necessary to take into account the nature of the ground your ball is on because the roughness prevents you from using the driver, while the sand forces you to hit the ball with a wedge.


Which adds a bit of variety to the gameplay, backed by the presence of Ace cards that help provide more depth for everyone. It has been said, Cursed to Golf is a rather complicated game because it requires a lotThese cards will quickly become your best asset in hopes of passing certain levels. These cards are multiple and offer great advantages depending on the situation. From the card that adds one or more shots to the remaining total, to the card that allows your ball to change direction in mid-flight, to the card that turns your ball into a remote-controlled device, or the card that eliminates the last shot, they are quickly becoming an indispensable resource. about him. It is possible to buy them in stores scattered on the world map, or collect them in bronze, silver, gold or mysterious packages for little money. In an old rogue-like state, it is possible to keep several cards, up to 40, in a deck notebook To get it back in the next round, and then give yourself a higher chance of success. The map also consists of branches that give the player a choice between a classic route with few advantages and a more interesting but interspersed ‘cursed’ level. The difficulty increases by a small amount with alerts that can cause winds, make all the idols disappear, or even flip your screen and force you to play upside down. Obviously, if the hit counter reaches zero before you put the ball in the hole, it’s back to square one. Only a small reward collected after the first boss provides the possibility to place a checkpoint to take advantage of a second chance.

There isn’t much to say on the technical side except that the game depends Very successful old design. High quality animations of both our hero and his cute situations, bosses or environments. It all goes through the years when the 16-bit system was superior, with well-made, unforgettable music. The developers at Chuhai Labs have been able to build a world that is fun to browse, with an art direction that doesn’t really stand out but that is clean and elegant enough to please gamers who place a certain importance on it.

Cursed to Golf masterfully blends the world of golf with the world of platform games, while offering a totally unexpected depth of gameplay. However, Chuhai Labs’ title is not to be put into all hands, as its rogue-like side gives it a certain level of difficulty, which in turn offers it an excellent lifespan for players looking for a challenge.


  • Excellent depth of play
  • very good age
  • The principle of curses is well found
  • Cute 16-bit design
  • Nice script and script in French

    • Sometimes too difficult
    • Very limited checkpoint system

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