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Despite their wide dominance in the first period, Nice lost to Maccabi Tel Aviv turf (1-0), this Thursday, during the first leg of the European League Conference. Daniel Peretz refused many times, and the Riviera club will have to be more precise in a week at Allianz Riviera.

Delort tried everything against McCabe.

Domination does not win. Nice bitter experience of it. Despite a good first period, the gym fell to the Maccabi Tel Aviv stadium (1-0), this Thursday, during the first leg of the European League Conference.

The Aiglons, who were technically superior, will have to be more accurate in a week’s time, the Allianz-Riviera, to avoid a ruthless disappointment.

Nice left base

Much higher technically, the Aiglons put a lot of pressure on the opposite goal. Eli and Delort gave Peretz the first goosebumps, as he composed a superb save for Thuram’s header. Over the course of the minutes, the gym increased the pressure in the wake of Attal stumbling in his right lane. The opening was also close to an extended kick from Delort that hit the post.

Overwhelmed by McCabe and unable to make two passes at the Niwa camp, McCabe struggled but could count on Peretz, who was still crucial with a floating shot from Ramsey. An overwhelming dominance pushed Nice to take more and more risks to enforce the decision. Before the break, Delort could finally find the mark but his powerful shot was hit again by Emperor Peretz.

Maccabi theft

Much less noticeable effort when returning from the locker room. Just like the Stengs picking it up, Niois got in a lot of trouble being dangerous and letting themselves fall asleep. Had to wait more than 20 minutes in the second quarter to see the new Peretz, who barely stopped a powerful free kick from Delort.

Because of the delay, the penalty was dropped. In McCabe’s first dangerous act, Breca beat Schmeichel, who shot it without trembling (1-0, 74). A real postponement of the local formation, which could have increased the bill in the crowd without Attal and Bard tackling twice. The gym was warned, and the gym fell into the trap. See you in a week to fix the situation.

Match result: 6/10

In intentions, Nice was good, with a first period of quality. But the Aiglons made no effort throughout the match and ended up being left out by a mediocre team that managed to sting in time. The game was very fun to follow with little time to rest.

Target :

– At the beginning of Jeni, Jovanovic outperformed Todibo and headed the ball into the depth in favor of Breca. He shoots perfectly, and the Serbian striker is ahead of Schmeichel, who throws him from the middle of the surface (1-0, 74).

Players Notes

Maxifoot assigned a score (out of 10) to each player’s comments.

Man of the Match: Daniel Peretz (8/10)

Maccabi’s goalkeeper was excellent. His post on a cartridge saved him from Delort, and he made five decisive saves to prevent Ness from finding the bug. A very serious performance that allows his team to believe in this achievement before returning in a week.

Nice :

Kasper Schmeichel (4) : We saw very little of the Danish goalkeeper. He still managed to grab McCabe’s first chance by missing out on a picnic in front of Breca. Like against Gameiro on Sunday…

Youssef Attal (6): The Algerian right side was good for an hour. Very active in his lane, he did not stop beating to bring danger. Stengs helped him quite a bit, and he was never able to blend in with him. The only downside, his questionable attitude to Berika’s goal work.

Jean-Clair Todibo (5): Like all his partners, the center back was a tough one for an hour. However, Jovanovic easily deceived him due to the opponent’s goal action by mistake in the opening referee Yeni.

Dante (6): A strong match for the Brazilian central defender, who did not find it difficult to extinguish Zahavi. He does not participate in the goal.

Melvin Bard (5): Disappointment. Unlike Atal, the left-back wasn’t too conceited with his track. However, in front of him was the type of Ilie available that he could count on. His performance was tempered by his tackle to block a 2-0.

Mario Lemina (5): The Gabonese midfielder was satisfied with the bare minimum. His game was very molded against a team that wasn’t too pressured in their area. Replace the 78th minute with Pablo Rosario (no).

Khphren Thuram-Ulien (5): Impact throughout the match but less forward drop than usual. The French midfielder had a big chance with a header from a corner kick but scored in Peretz. Average.

Calvin Stings (3): The Dutch winger was a disaster. Aside from a good opening for Ramsey in the first period, we didn’t see him as serious. Soft, without envy, Batav was very annoying. Replace the 65th minute with the code Amin Jouiri (not).

Aaron Ramsey (6.5) : On his first start, the Welsh playmaker was impressive in the first period with caviar for Delort and a big chance. By putting it between the lines, he caused major problems for the opposition bloc. He put his foot down after the break, and notably handicapped Delort at a chance in the far post. Replace the 87th minute with Alexis Becca Beca (not).

Rare Elia (5.5) : Placed on the left flank, the Roman does some damage in the first half hour. Interesting in his ability to combine, he had two great chances in the first half but lacked clarity when it came to the end. He also disappeared on his return from the locker room. Replace the 65th minute with the code Bilal Al-Ibrahimi (No).

Andy Delort (6): The Algerian striker tried everything but never managed to trick Peretz, who saved three of his strikes. The Niois striker even hit the post with a powerful shot low to the ground. He only missed one goal.

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