5 developments on the way in 2023!

For Volkswagen, 2023 will be busy! No less than 5 new features in the software, not the least of which are: Golf, Tiguan, ID.7…

Next year will be rich for Volkswagen! German manufacturer will release No less than 5 different novelties. This is on some of the most important models in her collection. In order not to miss any of these new models, follow the guide …

Volkswagen Buzz ID: The electric and retro car!

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz was introduced this year, but the majority of the first deliveries will come in early 2023. That is Already a success For the electric truck: orders have already exceeded 2022 production capacities! It must be said that ID.Buzz builds on the strong sympathy capital of the old Combi, with the added bonus of electrical engineering inherited from the ID.5 SUV. A futuristic modern look, a modular and uncluttered interior, utility versions, minivans, even camper vans…ID. Buzz really does make a lot of noise. But at what cost: the first versions are not available in the shadow of the ominous tape 60 thousand euros…

Volkswagen Tiguan 3 (March 2023): SUVs are stepping up their game

One of the best-selling models in the Volkswagen Group, Compact SUV Tiguan It goes into the third generation in 2023. But we don’t change the winning recipe, and Volkswagen should gently develop its star. I’m still sitting on the MQB deck (golf, etc), Tiguan 3 won’t change much in their proportions. The style will be more modern, with a more cut-out side profile and perhaps an extended light signature at the back.

Inside, the 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan will be packed with technology, from equipment and displays to driving aids. It will be equipped exclusively with hybrid engines, from a 48v small hybrid petrol and diesel to a plug-in hybrid that is more Approximately 100 km of 100% electric range. See you in March 2023!

Volkswagen ID.7 (2023): Electric Passat!

Volkswagen continues to develop its 100% electric range of knowledge. After the compact ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 SUV, but before the ID.2 for the city car, here’s…ID.7 ! This will be a large electric sedan. It will take over from the Passat, which will not be refurbished as is. We already know its generic form, thanks to the ID.Aero concept. Unsurprisingly, the very smooth fonts are close to the rest of the family, in particular the ID.5.

With approximately 5 meters and More than 600 kilometers of autonomy ID.7 has clearly stated that it is targeting the Tesla Model S, with lower performance and reasonable price on the list. Production will start at the end of 2023.

Volkswagen Passat SW (May 2023): a new generation, only in station wagon!

As we just saw, the Passat will not be renewed and will be gone in 2023. Yes, but… it will come back In the estate version ! So the sedan will die in favor of the ID.7, but the new generation Passat SW will turn out well. will be style Inspired by the Golf 8, Or even preach the renewed version of the agreement. With a length of approximately 4.80 meters and a conventional breakout profile, the Passat SW will play the role of the engine. It will take back small hybrids (petrol and diesel) and plug-in hybrids (between 200 and 300 hp) from the rest of the range. Pricing should start Less than 45,000 euros.

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Volkswagen Golf 8 Restyled (November 2023): Have Childhood Mistakes Corrected?

The eighth generation of Volkswagen Golf survives The standard for compact sedans. Its versatility makes everyone agree, and its streamlined style shocks no one. But indoors, this generation sparked controversy when it was launched at the end of 2019. Indeed, many of the controls, including those for air conditioning, lighting and radio, are now touch-sensitive. Not to mention all the functions that now pass through the screen. In short, Confusing work environment And they are important in the balance sheet relative to the rest they are very important. It is up to the redesigned version, which should land at the end of 2023, to correct these shortcomings.

under the cover of this Redesigned Volkswagen Golf 8we should find the petrol-diesel hybrid mini-blocks already mentioned above, as well as two redesigned rechargeable hybrids.

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