A new good sign for the blues winners against Belgium

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In their fourth and final match of the 2022 European Basketball Championship, and next week’s 2023 World Cup qualifiers, the French men’s team dominated shortly before the first half to beat Belgium 90-71 in Montpellier.

The French men’s team 4/4 was received in preparation. Two days after their victory over Italy, the Blues beat Belgium in Montpellier in their rehearsal before the start of the official matches. And indeed, on Wednesday 24, the players of Vincent Colette received the Czech Republic in Percy in the first match of the second round of qualifying for the World Cup 2023. And on Thursday evening, they stopped the first half. Defensively initially, they recovered in the second quarter to gain the upper hand and finally won 90 to 71.

Retin Obasuhan holds Belgium against the indifferent Blues at the start

Because the Belgians stuck to the tricolor for about 20 minutes. Held by future ASVEL full-back Retin Obasohan (7 points at 3/5 on shots, 2 rebounds and two assists at the end of the first quarter, 14 points at break and at the end of the match), he appears on the rebound (9 takes 6, including 3 attack, after the 10 minutes) First), the flat country pick got off to a good start (13-24, 8 scores) against passive defense. Enough to race for the lead in the first half. ” We didn’t have the right attitude at first, it was a bad start, with a little arrogance“Sorry coach Vincent Colette.” We stayed up well on Tuesday evening. We did not want to be present in the aggressiveness and even in the construction at the beginning of the matchBut thanks to the increased strength thanks to the bench, the French are back. Executives like the huge Rudi Gobert (12 points on 5/7 in shots, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks for 17 PIR in 24 minutes) followed on Ismail Baku ( 8 points in 2/8 and 7 rebounds), which gave his people an advantage. Enough to take over just before the break (44-35).” We are getting stronger as the game progresses.Minnesota Timberwolves’ future hub commented. It was a good test“.

Yvan Fournier has a harder than usual attack on this preparedness (Photo: Guillaume Beaumaride)

Good test because this bad start caused a reaction. ” We came back much stronger in the third quarterI appreciate Vincent Colette. Immediately, we got our hands on the game by being more aggressive and tougher and putting the ball inside. “Led by Thomas Hurtl (13 points in 5/8 and 6 assists in 18 PIRs in 18 minutes) is like a bleed against Italy, with Terry Tarbe always an opportunist, a collegiate stabilizing (22 assists) and a title high (11)/26 of 3 points. Vincent Colette’s players quickly took a 20-point lead. They held the lead throughout the period to finally win 90-71.” In general, we controlled better and were more in line with what we wanted in the second half.‘, noted Vincent Colette, who described the bad start. wake cryPerfect education before starting serious matters.

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What do we remember from the match between France and Belgium?

  • The French team started with a low defensive intensity before waking up.
  • In his home in Hérault, Thomas Heurtel offers a very high level of play in the lead. It is enough to ensure the creation of an offensive threat to the back line.
  • Evan Fournier has some difficulties in these preparation matches, with deception (10 points on 2/7 in shots) and a waste. As a veteran, he’s definitely waiting for the competition, the real competition.
  • On Tuesday’s difficulty, Amath M’Baye showed himself in a better light on Thursday (6 points at 2/4 on shots in 13 minutes). Good news for the blues.
  • Riding in the fifth of the second half in place of Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot, hit by a foul, Terry Tarpey III (8 points at 3/5, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 11 ratings in 12 minutes) once again seized his chance in a role awaited by Vincent Colette. With an extra title touch.
  • On the other hand, TLC (3 points at 1/4 in 15 minutes) – who was quickly thwarted by fouls – and Guerschon Yabusele (4 points at 1/3 in 19 minutes) are able to make more of the three-color attack.
  • Muhammadu Gaiteh and William Howard seem far apart in rotation. They didn’t play until the last quarter.


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