After losing 1-0, the gym will have to turn the tide

Brilliant but ineffective in the first period, OGC Nice lost on Maccabi Tel Aviv turf on Thursday, in the first leg of the Conference League (1-0). He will have to catch up next Thursday in Allianz Rivera to qualify for the group stage of C4.

Each game has its own truth. The construction of this dam causes great hope and great frustration. During these first 90 minutes of a double-header, each team earned half the time. He crushed the gym at first but remained silent. McCabe, ignited by a fantastic crowd, devoured the second and made the difference fifteen minutes from the end, in the long game. Which does not bode well for the return leg but indicates the procedure to be followed to continue traveling outside France.

45 minutes of beauty

After two draws at the start of L1, the gym’s response to European demands was predictable. From the start, the Eagles family responded. Placed at 4-2-3-1, with Yusuf Atal back to the right of defense, the Limina-Thuram duo after recovering and Aaron Ramsey’s first run in 10, Lucien Favre’s group dominated his opponent, at all levels…except on the scoreboard. More present in impact, more comfortable in offensive animation, Aiglons knew how to use all the ingredients that make up a dangerous team: short rotation – a long game, fixation in one area of ​​the ground before accelerating in the other, technical correctness, correctness of movement …

Ball masters, they got a bunch of chances in the first 45 minutes. Seven, to be exact. Seven cases where the little thing was always missing and had dire consequences. Right from the start, Rares Ilie took a while, 20 yards, and then his chance, before his shot was blocked (2′). In the process, Delort, sent by a perfectly cool, saw his shot with a one-touch turn around the formidable Peretz, in a move that was finally indicated by an offside (5′).

Driven by the ability to recover the ball very quickly, Rouge et Noir put their opponents to the test, in the first half hour of shooting. Ramsey found Thuram from a corner at the far post, but Peretz entered again (20 min). A minute later, in apparent action, the Welsh international, between the lines, put Andy into orbit. Sétois hit the post, followed by Ilie but missed the goal (21′). First pass, Ramsey was at the end of a great new move, with Calvin Stings finding him deep, but the former Arsenal stumbled across the Maccabi goalkeeper. Just like Delort at the end of the break.

In the defensive section, the gym trembled only once, in a double act of locals, he started with a stationary piece. But Thuram thwarted the Israeli attempt, then the ball returned to the penalty area in the form of a tight cross but escaped from the frame.

On the break, the gym can be both satisfying and frustrating. Satisfied with his production and frustrated by his silence. He had to find the rightness in the last gesture to flesh out his grip on debates.

Maccabi strengthens the tone

This fist took the lead in the chapter two entry wing, when McCabe began putting his foot on the ball and getting into the red and black portion. Despite 10 minutes in favor of the locals, who nevertheless did not find themselves in a dangerous situation, the gym returned to the front. A good cross from Ilie found Stengs in the penalty area, a complete pivot, but the former AZ Alkmaar man failed to straighten his shot. In the aftermath, Ramsey missed, despite good appeal at the near post on a cross from Atal and an uncrossed header (56′).

The intensity of the meeting gradually subsided. Which did the trick to Vladimir Ivich’s men, who grabbed the ball and put themselves in the half of the Côte d’Azur.

In search of a second wind for his flock, Lucien Favre fires Brahimi and Jouiri a little later, replacing Stings and Ellie. The first effect of these two changes: two new opportunities for the Aiglons family. Symbolic shot and giant free kick from Delort, full axis, from 30 metres, captured by Peretz (66 min). In the opposite direction, Schmeichel calmly lay down on a shot from Jovanovic (71).

Due to the lack of competence, we gradually felt the meeting slip through Ness’ fingers. This bad impression was embodied in the 74th minute, in the long match and the failed defensive line-up, against Strasbourg. Dar Breka behind Todibo and Luba Schmeichel, to provide a valuable advantage for his team (1-0).

Behind this opening, a storm fell on the Nice defense. In an atmosphere of excessive excitement, McCabe began to push hard. The air in the gym ran out. Atal made a sumptuous defensive tackle (75 minutes). In the aftermath, in a corner kick, Atal himself, then Bard, twice removed the opponent’s attempts on the goal line. For 5 minutes, a foul smell emanated from the station wagon. Niçois stepped forward but discovered each other, providing a disjointed and anxious end to the meeting. Rosario came to carry his sense of dueling in the last quarter of the hour.

Le Gym squeeze to equalize. Al-Quwairi took his chance twice. McCabe questioned all of their attacks and in the end the result didn’t move.

The Eagles will head to Claremont on Sunday, before Maccabi Tel Aviv on Thursday, in the return leg at Allianz Rivera. With a duty to deliver a great performance and catch up with the competition in the C4.

Certificate of Authenticity

Maccabi Tel Aviv – Nice (0-0 in the first half)

Conference League first leg match

August 18 2022

Bloomfield Stadium – Tel Aviv

Approximately 29,500 spectators

Goal: Brica (74) for Maccabi Tel Aviv


Maccabi Tel Aviv (start 11)
Peretz, Geralds, Jeni, Saboret, Peyton, Huizes, Van Overem, Jolassa, Kanishovsky, Zahavi, Jovanovic.

OGC Nice
Schmeichel – Atal, Todibo, Dante (hat), Bard – Limina (Rosario 87′), Thuram – Stings (Ebrahimi 65′), Ramsey (Pekka-Pekka 87′), Elie (Joeri 65′) – Delort

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