An Alsatian developing basketball in Tanzania for his scholastic training, ‘I’ll be back, that’s for sure’

Since the end of May 2022, 21-year-old Nathan Strijl, from the Bas-Rhinois region, has been working with an NGO in Tanzania to develop basketball there. An adventure he had never thought of taking part in a few months ago.

For three months, Nathan Streigle will have the most important experience of his young life. From Tanzania, this Alsatian student works with an NGO to develop basketball in the country. Before returning to Alsace, he told us of his happiness at having dared to go to Africa, which he had hesitated for so long.

“It’s really my first time traveling”Says Nathan Strijl of Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city, on the shores of Lake Victoria. Since May 24, 2022, he has been living there from the Bas-Rhinois family of Grace, as part of an internship that he undertakes after obtaining a sports management license: “When I saw this show in March, it immediately caught my eye. Doing a training session to share basketball with other passionate people like me talks to me.”

If the young man is also excited, he admits that he hesitated for a long time before jumping into the water: “Even after I got caught, I didn’t say yes directly. But I was forced to leave, and I don’t regret it at all.”

He didn’t have to hesitate. This kind of opportunity only comes once.

Milos Makcikovic

Coach Nathan Striegel

Among those who convinced Nathan to go almost to the other side of the world, his coach at Grace Oberhofen Basketball Club, Milos Maksimovic: “He didn’t want to be late for pre-season. But he didn’t hesitate. This kind of opportunity only comes once. Traveling abroad changes lives, and I know what I’m talking about.”The Serbian coach smiles.

There are many teams but not enough stadiums.

Nathan Streigle

Here’s Nathan on the plane, and after 13 hours of flight he discovered Tanzania. Even if he is able to visit Rwanda and go on a safari, our basketball player is not there for tourism. The mission is to develop its sport in Mwanza in partnership with the NGO Sports Charity Mwanza: “There are a lot of teams but not enough pitchessummarizes Nathan Striegel. Often four teams want to play and they have to play in one stadium.”

So Nathan’s mission is to work on creating sports centers: “I’m not on the backhoe, but I’m looking forward to raising money”says the student. On August 13, he posted a video calling for a donation to build a sports center in the city, including a basketball court:

In parallel, the construction of another center has begun, and Nathan is also involved in the distribution of balloons coming from Germany: “These are mainly soccer balls, which we donate to local clubs. We also organize a batch of balls in France to take them by boat here”The student announces. His training period does not stop at basketball. Volleyball and netball are two other sports he intends to develop.

During his internship, someone who would return to M1 Marketing at the beginning of the school year was able to dribble and score baskets with local players: “We organized a 3v3 match, which is not very developed here. It is a great opportunity to show that to the public but also to the players”Which Nathan Striegel was able to contend with.

“The style of play is very physical here, the players are more in fencing. The level is quite heterogeneous. It is generally less good than in Europe, but I was surprised by some, including a player who plays as a national team. They know how to play basketball!”It is enough to justify building these lands and moving all these balloons.

I took exercises in my hand to work on dexterity.

Nathan Streigle

If Mwanza is not lacking in players, then the city thus needs land, but also rigorous training: “In France, training starts with a warm-up, then a minute workout, and finally a match. Here, they do 15 minutes of exercise. (How to make a basket while running) And games until the end of the night. So I took exercises to work on dexterity.”

An initiative that does not surprise Milos Maksimovic, since Nathan himself was the coach of the under-15 team of the Grace Oberhofen club: “This experience will enrich the leadership qualities he already possesses. He is a very organized person, with real leadership. That is why he is my leader. He is there for everyone, and I am sure it will bring him a lot.”

Nathan knows the accumulated experience will be enormous, and he will see himself staying: “I got comfortable here very quickly. I feel at home. Of course, I will be back to see how the work is going, as well as the friends I’ve made here.” The basketball player will return to Alsace on Sunday 21 August after three months on the banks of Lake Victoria 6 200 km from Grace.

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