Colette still “hopes” for the Pessi and the euro fall, but…

Both players were affected at the start of preparations, as the players can return before the Euro. The staff still believed in him. However, it was not won…

Any blues in EuroBasket 2022? After its success in two stages against Belgium (90-71), Thursday, in Montpellier, the French national team still has 13 elements, including eight outside players (Fournier, Hortel, Luau Caparrot, Okubo, Malidon, Cordiner, Tarbe, Howard). Five interiors (Joubert, Yabousel, Poireer, Mbaye, Gaite), with Victor Wimpanyama, Frank Ntelikina, Mustafa Vall and Andrew Albessi, forced to withdraw since a preliminary roster of 17 players was revealed.

Although the term renunciation was a bit strong for the latter, a victim of a dynasty who immediately declared his desire to “Do everything to come back after a period of rest and careThe French Basketball Federation (FFBB) also publicly let the doubt:Proper care will be followed. It may be reviewed later and returned, if its condition permits.It wasn’t the same for Val, a torn victim. Not at first anyway. A priori, no hope of a comeback for him. But the team It was revealed on Tuesday that both players are working hard and are still hoping to return to the European Championship (September 1-18).

Bessi and Val are preparing to return to the field as soon as possible. But unfortunately that does not mean that he will be with us, even if we hope so.

Vincent Colette

In response to a question in Montpellier on Thursday evening, Vincent Colette did not deny the existence of this possibility. “Of course they work, they are professional players. They are preparing to return to the field as soon as possible. But unfortunately that does not mean that he will be with us, even if we hope so.‘, pointed out for the first time the national coach, on be in sports. “Even if there is no French team, there is a club behind them waiting for themHe said at a press conference this time. Referring to the Albicy case, Colette explained this:Andrew is rehabilitating in Gran Canaria (his club). Hopefully… this rehabilitation process is going well and hopefully there’s a medical green light that hasn’t been given yet and it doesn’t just depend on us. He will first be checked by his club. But we are in touch, hoping for a positive development.»

When asked about a possible deadline for a possible return from Albicy, but the principle is the same for his fellow Olympiakos, the 59-year-old indicated that the limits were essentially set by Fiba, first for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers against the Czech Republic (24 August) in Bercy and Bosnia and Herzegovina (27 August), agreeing that it would be difficult to imagine a return in the hours before Germany’s departure. A list must be submitted before these two deadlines. “We still have a little time left but I don’t see it arriving the day before… and even if it does, we should be able to test it out at full size. Especially since the players who may be affected by this change do not deserve it. It’s not just: “I go back and take someone’s place.” We have to make sure he can be the player we hope and want.»

Remember that Parisian Ismail Kamagati has been called only as reinforcements so far, and again, simply”sparring partner“.Good news? Nothing serious for Theo Malidon, who was released at the end of the match on Thursday.”His chin cut open without gravity. He had to come out because he was bleedingColette said.

Tarpey’s in the right bandwagon?

As for the latest available sites, we feel that William Howard, little or no user, will be a little late. Terence Tarby scored points. We saw him again affect Thursday night against the Belgians, until the start of the second half due to “TLC” errors. “Without that being a guarantee of choice, that wasn’t the thing, I insisted in the locker room on his mental state. He has no mood. He knows what his role is and does it very well. We need players like this to be the best team possible“Refer to the coach of Boulogne Levallois.

One thing is for sure: the experience of Andrew El Bessi and/or Mustafa Fall, vice-champions Olympic last summer in Tokyo, will not harm this young and inexperienced French team, other than the quality of the two boys of course. “We have a very young group. Casually, only three of us have done so many international competitions. Even players who are very important to us like Tim (Luwawu-Cabarrot) and Gerschon (Yabusele), made their first season last year.“, confirms Yvan Fournier, after this victory marked by “a form of arrogance“Of the special Tricolores, let us remember, of Nando de Colo and Nicolas Batum. a”wake cryCoach Colette, who regretted at the start of the preparations, said thatThe doctor started choosingWith any luck, other doctors will reinforce the group at the bell.

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