Golf is on a forced march towards its promotion

summer killer. Justice, big money, disagreements… The quiet world of golf has reached the point of no return. The launch of a new golf course, LIV Golf, changed the sport. It is the main instigators of this project that has become a fact that makes a fuss, because it is related to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Lighting with golfer Arnaud Sérié.

The current crisis in world golf, is it a storm in a cup of tea or an “Uberization” of the system?

Arnault series : Indeed, this new Public Investment Fund (PIF)-backed league in Saudi Arabia and the output of former world number one Greg Norman is causing a lot of noise in the golf world today. Several reasons have been pointed out: the origin of the funds, the lack of morals blamed on Saudi Arabia in particular on the issue of human rights, and finally the amount of money at stake for this new association. I think we can talk about “Uberization”, especially for the circuit and the high level of golf. So far, we’ve had two historic players: the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour, formerly the European Tour, that have been offering a unique approach for years. Thus, the arrival of LIV Golf, with its own symbols, shook all these players. Furthermore, since the creation of LIV Golf, the PGA Tour and DP World Tour have continued to get closer. The Allies since November 2020, have decided to extend their agreement with a new partnership until 2035.

Players who have announced their participation in LIV Golf have been banned from the PGA Tour (the authority that refers to the United States). Golfers Taylor Gooch, Hudson Swafford and Matt Jones went to court to regain the right to play within the PGA. But they were separated. So the issue is sensitive. Is there a risk of a split in world golf?

yes. It is still hard to imagine the future but it is now clear that a lot of things will change and evolve. In this particular case, the problem posed by these three players’ expulsion is that before they left to play at LIV Golf, Jones, Swafford and Gooch had already secured their qualification to reach the final stages, the so-called FedEx Cup. Their request is obviously to be able to participate in the tournament with a purse of around €14.7 million, reserved for the world’s top 125 players from the regular season on the PGA Tour in which they qualified. . This raises real questions, because the point of these rings remains to be played by golfers whose job it is. In this case, these three players are suspended for an indefinite period after they have participated in one of the three LIV Golf tournaments and thus… have played golf.

In my opinion, these circuits should work together because the purpose is one.

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Do you think the PGA Tour will go so far as to turn off golfing stars: Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson… is also fond of playing on the LIV Tour?

Today, all of these golf stars leave the PGA Tour on their own to play at LIV Golf. So we are already in this scenario. This was also one of the reasons for the experience that brought together 11 players, including golf stars, who wanted to be able to play on multiple courses.

Regarding Tiger Woods, it’s another story, today he is one of the fiercest critics. He would have turned down $700 to $800 million to join this new league! According to Tiger Woods, players have turned their backs on what got them to this level. The 46-year-old has always confirmed his loyalty to the PGA Tour and announced that he does not intend to follow other major winners, such as Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson who have taken the lead.

This situation evokes the football TV series about the creation of the aborted Premier League in 2021. UEFA has succeeded in maintaining its monopoly. Are we heading towards a similar scenario?

Knowing very little about football, I will compare more what happens to a club like Paris Saint-Germain for example. Particularly because the sums at stake are close to it. Note here the historic golf courses with the shape that has been in operation for many years and a new league is entering, attracting in its wake the best golfers by offering sums never seen before in the world of golf.

To give you a concrete idea of ​​the current state: Dustin Johnson signed just $125 million to join the LIV golf league, when Tiger Woods was earning $121 million playing golf his entire career on the PGA Tour… Today, Phil Mickelson holds the record for highest amount Accepted at $200 million.

Arno series: I think a lot of golfers don’t put themselves down because the symbolism of the PGA Tour and the values ​​of the tour are important to them. Tiger Woods Would Have Turned Down Up To $800 Million!

The fact that golfers want to make more money on the Saudi circuit seems to be frowned upon. There is clearly a “culture war” over this issue. From football to basketball through tennis, “sports business” has become a part of our habits. Is money the nerve of war in your opinion?

I think saying no would be a lie. Many athletes play golf for the love of the sport, the passion, the challenge, and all that that brings, but no athlete of this caliber can claim to live on love and fresh water today. Remember that careers are not eternal, the goal remains to win trophies and thus earn money. Moreover, at these levels, they are more than golfers – just like football stars – they are also real money makers that include the worlds of sponsorship, advertising and social networking, as well as NFT and cryptocurrencies.

However, this does not prevent the same golfers from having charities, and from getting involved in many causes. But to enable all this, money is needed. In fact, this new circuit is already an opportunity for many.

Explain to us what the PGA Tour stands for symbolically and why many golfers still don’t want to take a stand?

First of all, a piece of history, created in 1929, the PGA Tour (Professional Golfers’ Association) is the men’s professional circuit. It includes nearly 50 tournaments played on American soil, as well as the Grand Slams. Today, this tournament attracts a large number of golfers all over the planet, particularly for the very high prize pools even if they remain lower than LIV Golf. On average, it ranges between 3 and 10 million dollars depending on the tournaments.

In addition to the prize money, the PGA Tour is golf history, legendary and historical tournaments such as the Master in Augusta, US Open, British Open and the PGA Championship played on often inaccessible golf courses and fame.

So I understand Tiger Woods’ point, because you could say it was the “PGA Tour kid” who brought him to the top. He is, in a way, the ambassador. I think a lot of golfers don’t put themselves down because the symbolism of the PGA Tour and the values ​​of the tour are important to them. Also, many are waiting to see what will happen over time, the famous “wait and see”. Stay the status quo, wait for an agreement to emerge and work together.

Finally, what developments to expect in this TV series “Green and the Swing”?

First of all, I hope the agreement between all the rings will allow golfers to play in the various tournaments without having to pick and block. It’s my optimistic side. However, we talked about uberization and in my opinion we can also expect other leagues or even other models of circuits to emerge.

Maybe LIV Golf offered some ideas, who knows…

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