Top Tips for Surviving Purgatory Golf as Cursed as Golf Swings on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

Hello everyone, I’m Liam Edwards, Game Creator and Director Cursed at golf in Zhuhai laboratories. With our game on the Microsoft Store today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, I thought I would give my best advice to help master the art of super golf. The path to the ascent is difficult, but follow my advice, and you may be able to conquer the demonic path that awaits you at Golf Purgatory.

You revolve around me

Mastering the mechanics of rotation is critical to conquering golf purifier. The laws of physics work a little differently in the stellar plane, and spinning the ball has multiple benefits and can be deployed in different scenarios. At the most basic level, when your ball bounces, adding a spin will control its direction. Hitting the ball as it approaches the mast? Perhaps directing his bounce with a top spin will land him in the hole, providing you with an extra shot. Do you jump off a wall full of nearby dangers? Backspin can be your best friend because it will drop the ball down. Need to stop a bullet in its tracks, but are out of range of bullet weight or Timestop cards? Heavy back rolling can allow on the first bounce followed by fine pins on the next short bounce pin Place the ball with pixel precision. When you master the impact of the bullet, your tactical options in any situation will greatly open up!


In the cover…

Ace cards are fun to use, right? yes! However, you may want to save some rare species from time to time. These Gate Cards don’t come back often! Stop at the Eterni-Tee tee while running and store your strongest cards in the Card Case. This deck of cards contains magical powers that the curse of the purgatory golf game roguelike can’t beat. When you die and start a new round, any cards you’ve stored in the binder will still be there, so you can pull them out when the time comes. Pro tip is to do some mock races where you build a killer deck in the deck of cards, ready for your real attempt to beat the course. As you progress through the last two biomes – Caves and Hell – you’ll need all the high-energy Ace you can get, trust me.


Who needs to exercise?

The Training Shot Map is deceptively useful. Yes, of course, you can use it as a free plan to test whether your luxury plan idea will work or not. However, most importantly, the training shot doesn’t just reflect everything you do before you take the “real” shot. The state of the world remains the same after taking a training shot. Therefore, it can be used to safely blow up TNT chests or shoot idols far from your chosen path to the pit. Using training moves smartly can be a great way to gain additional moves or unlock new hotkeys without sacrificing valuable movement meter.


No problems, just solutions or It’s super effective!

Element Balls are powerful ace cards with a range of great use cases. The fireball will burn through the pesky blackberries you find scattered through caves and infernos. Falling into a blackberry trap will cost you an extra chance and get you back to its last shooting slot, so getting trapped in it is bad news. On the plus side, they often mask or cover clutch shortcuts. Hitting that thorny bush in the glow of glory is one of the most satisfying feelings you can have in purgatory golf.

The ice ball is a cold little force (wink). As you advance in Golf Purgatory, you will receive more and more water hazards…fantastic. Hit the water with a snowball and what was once a stray ball becomes a cold platform from which to take your next shot. Water hazards can sometimes lead to major shorts or surround the mast on both sides, so an ice scoop is always a welcome safety cover.

Last but not least, the electric ball. This thing would send lightning bolts to anything hovering above it. Explode TNT chests, stun vines, and smash idols without even touching them!


unlimited powerrrrr!

Look, I love all ace cards Cursed at golfAfter all, I designed them. However, there are a few of them that are more exotic than others. Rocket ball, drill ball, phase ball and portals have more activity than Mulligan. These powerful abilities are hard to master and easy to tamper with. But we’re in the golf purgatory, where the high stakes offer high reward potential. Once unlocked, hone your skills with these cards in the training range. When deployed effectively, Aces cards will allow you to get into areas where regular golf swings can’t, and if you’re really good, you might be able to skip entire sections of a golf swing.

fire pit

Long way to the top

So there you have it, my top five tips for getting out of Golf Purgatory and back to the land of the living. A place where you can play … regular golf? It won’t be an easy task, but persistence and maybe, just maybe, you can lift this heavy curse. On behalf of all Cursed at golf Our team, I would like to thank everyone who helped and encouraged us on our journey Cursed at golf I hope to see you soon on the green! Please share screenshots or videos of your Golf Purgatory adventures with @CursedtoGolf on Twitter!


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