TRETS Regional Athletics Championships Bring Good Luck to GST After 2 Years of Disenfranchisement!

A great and beautiful sporting event took place this weekend in TRETS les Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March 2022 With the first part of the regional gymnastics championships in the Gardi complex, organized by the regional committee UFOLEP and Gymnastique Sportive Tretsoise. A wonderful competition was brilliantly organized by all these volunteers who were so happy to be able to organize an event again after these two years of deprivation due to Corona virus, also two years without competition!

This tournament from the South Baka region is a qualifier for either the youngest for the youth final in Grenoble that will take place at the end of May, or for the over 11s, the semi-finals to be held in Lyon at the beginning of May where they will then have the possibility to qualify for the national finals. 20 clubs competed throughout the weekend, representing over 400 gymnasts.
Each player then had to do several devices: 4 for girls (vault, bar, crossbar and floor) and boys: 5 (vault, high bar, parallel bar and floor). Then each player had a mark on each device and the computer account had the top three marks according to the category. A classification was made by the team and then individually.

Regional tournament results by team at the end are often excellent for the Trets:
5 titles for division champions
3 titles of Deputy Division Champion and
1 third division title

Qualification for the youth/group finals of 3 teams on May 21 and 22 in Grenoble
Qualification in the ½ final 7 teams + 1 person 07 and 08 May in Lyon
Only one team stopped in the area! good performance

On Saturday, for the first time in decades, the regional championship welcomed men’s teams from Occitanie (a problem with the gym, they asked to join them in order to conduct a competition) and from the Baka region: the GST club participates for the first time in its history a men’s team.
An event that has been a huge hit since the stands filled up throughout the two days cheering for the trezzo gymnasts and putting on some great performances.
I would like to single out the club as “a big thank you to the municipality, to the sports department as well as to all the Trets dealers who have supported us or given prizes and vouchers to our gymnasts”.

The club is now hoping to stage the 2024 semi-finals, and if it isn’t already working on TRETS’CUP, an end-of-June event and a big club party with schools’ participation, as well as an end-of-year party.

Here are the details of the results, commented by their coach Anne-Sophie Duzon:

Male N7 7/10 years
Composed by Romain Barberis, Ethan Agullo, Matisse Marches, Sacha Wernert, Eddie Long-Brunn, Yannis Moreso and Ivan Rodriguez: First competition and first win! Trained by Valentin Duzon, despite the tension, they put on a show and beat Team Occitanie!
The Gst team is very proud of this first team. See you in 2023 for new adventures
Individual: Ethan Agulu: 1st, Matisse Marchis 2nd, Sacha Wernert: 3rd
In Small Solo Sequence: Caliste Kouachi Ball’s Triumph

Level 1 11/18 years old with Valentin Duzon
Alone in her class, she realizes that every competition counts and allows her to gain experience to hope for a medal in the National Final in June. In a full gym, I encouraged her constantly, she succeeded perfectly in her passes and increased her total by two points.
Final meeting

Level 4 11 years and over
Written by Livia Aparicio, Lou Dujarrier, Luan Lan, Mathilde Lombard
And Kiara Zakaria
5 gyms, few minor injuries. They guarantee the title of Regional Champion for just 0.1 and present themselves at the same time, the only ticket that qualifies for the ½ finals!
girls hats
Individually: Louane Lan: 2nd

Level 4 11/15 years
Compiled by Louise Bader, Ossian Ponte, Luanne Flux, Laura Giuliani, Eloine Gillaud, Miles Villette
What a performance: You flew above the competition by almost 5 points over the second team. More beam mods and they can claim to qualify for the National Final.
Individually: Laura Giuliani: 1st and Océane Bonte: 2nd

Level 5 11/18 years
Written by Lucy Angell, Josephine Buffett, Julia Addario, Anael Gyan
Alice Hermann and Amandine Benatzi
A disastrous ray but the rest is beautiful…. Meet in the final to get beautiful beams and a ticket to the national finals
Individual: Alice Hermann: The second

Level 6 7/10 years
Composed by Kenza Boghanemi, Sarah D’Aquino, Liz Magnan, Charlotte Bomber
Lisa Sana and Anil Villette
They are small, but what a mastery! They’ll be in the Youth Finals and only want one thing: win the title!
Singles Lisa Sana: 1st and Charlotte Bomber: 3rd

Level 7 11 years and over
Written by Cassandra Barrett, Eva Blanc, Lynne Da Silva, Roxanne Roberto, Margot Trinci, Amandine Verdelot
Good competition, a homogeneous team, and even if some mistakes don’t allow them to get a good score, we’ve seen very good sequences. They will be in the group final and will try to win the podium.
Fred Cassandra Barrett: 1st place, Eva Blanc 2nd

Level 7 11/15 years
Written by Angelina Brasseur, Louise Goffin, Alicia Guerrero, Garrance Herbin, Lou Lou Monaco and Clara Lozano Garcia
Silver medal and here they are in the group final… They tied with 5, Clara has the flu, they confirmed, they showed very nice things and won their place on the podium.
Individual: Angelina Brasseur: 2nd place

Tier 6 11/18 (Team 1) and Tier 6 11/18 (Team 2)
The first team consisting of Clarice Bourgogne, Léa Etienne, Evelyn Jeanine, Diana Mathlouthi and Sarah Nef won the silver and qualified for the semi-finals. They ensure they are in the vault and rails but fall apart in the beam and make some mistakes on the floor. On their way to the semi-finals, they will have to improve their sequencing if they want to go to the national final
The second team made up of Lucy Basso, Luna Burr, Charlotte Closel, Elena Manzoni-Peret, Lou Pons and Nice Lewis (she only got back to the gym for a few weeks, showing pretty pretty sights!)
They finished third, and unfortunately did not get their ticket to the semi-finals. It’s just out: see you soon on new adventures within Team Gst.

Level 6 11/15 years
Composed by Louis Bale, Nina Deschamps, Gina Moreno, Ellen Politi, Laura Sefton Brutano, and Olivia Tabarachi
Fourth place and semi-finalists: They knew how to repack and get back to work. Their efforts are rewarded. See you at ½!

Level 5 11/15 years
Written by Eva Baldasini, Clara Pont, Lina El Bouarfaoui, Stella Giroud, Janis Lagarde and Luan Express
They came close to that achievement and failed to score 0.3 points from the title. Very good team, very good gym: they have progressed greatly and gained confidence. Team to follow into the semi-finals
They will be accompanied in the semi-finals by Team 2 consisting of Sacha Beguin, Abigail Bader, Anis Vidal, Leon Arcouier, May Bialet and Anna Fay.
They make little mistakes that prevent them from getting close to the podium but it guarantees the essentials: a place in the semi-finals

Team GST gives you a rendezvous for the rest of the season next weekend in Carnot in Provence for the rest of the regional championship.

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