Corsair HS65 Surround Headphones Review

Manufacturer Corsair is launching its line of gaming headsets with the launch of the HS65, a wired mini-jack model accompanied by a USB sound card for gaming on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Build quality, comfort, functionality and sound reproduction, let’s get into the details with this full test.

With an introductory price of just under €90, the Corsair HS65 is at the top of the brand’s range in terms of wired headphones. Based on the HS55, this model adds USB connectivity to it thanks to the presence of a dedicated interface thus Software support for gamers on Windows PC. This new HS kit replaces an old VOID that had a hard time impressing us in its time. But Corsair seems to have made good progress if we are to believe the results of the HS65, which are fairly balanced across all of its characteristics.

Compatibility PS5, PS4, Xbox, Windows, Mac, Switch, smartphones and tablets
microphone type omnidirectional swivel microphone
Microphone Noise Reduction no
Rendering 7.1 / 3D Spatial effect via app
weight 262 grams without cable
Available connections Wired mini jack, USB
Gaming headset test: It's hard to find words to describe the new Corsair HS65 Surround

When unloaded, the HS65 comes with a 1 meter 60 cable terminated in a small jack and screwed into the left atrium. The wire, at the rubberized end, is rather flexible and supports various twists well. The die-cast mini socket connector, made of plastic and gold, is serious and appears to be of good quality. The helmet is accompanied by an external sound card, with a mini-jack-female port and a USB port mounted on a solid cable of no more than 3 cm in length.

We’ve got the white version of the HS65 Surround on our hands, which has white plastic on most surfaces, with silver metallic grilles on the ears, silver plastic ball joints, gray leather foam finishes for the headband and ear cup surrounds, and fabric for contact with the ear. Everyone makes an impression according to the price of the helmet. Obviously we’re a lot less than the H3 from Epos has to offer, but without the HS65 Surround it makes the impression of a very straightforward game.

Comfort in the new Corsair HS65 Surround: a gaming headset that adapts well to everyone

Gaming headset test: It's hard to find words to describe the new Corsair HS65 Surround

The helmet’s design is built around a solid arc, with metal sliders and a dual ball joint to swivel 90 degrees horizontally and 2 to 3 degrees vertically to allow the HS65 to rest flat, on the shoulders as it does on a desk. The sliders on each earbud ensure Easy adjustment, grooved, so that the helmet adapts without difficulty to most skull sizesFrom children to adults.

The moderate weight of the HS65, at 262 grams on our scale, allows it to land gently on the head, without much support under the arch. The helmet is still progressing Fairly strong supportWith ear pads that are padded enough to fit eyeglass wearers. Adequately ventilated ear cups allow for good heat evacuation at ear level but struggle to provide high sound insulation. However, overall, the HS65 is a comfortable, stable headphone that is fun to use during long sessions.

Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series, PC…

So HS65 surround provides two types of connections. the basic, Its compact 4-pole plug gives it access to many platforms Including modern consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Series), Nintendo Switch in manual mode, laptops, tablets and all analog sources in this format. However, its resistance of 32 ohms is reserved for consumer products, while the single wheel on the left atrium ensures volume variance, regardless of platform.

The included external sound card allows connection to computer systems (Mac, Windows, and Linux), Sony PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch in TV mode. Provides, on compatible platforms, Good sound quality with 24-bit 96kHz output management, and 24-bit 48 kHz for the microphone. However, the suite remains in stereo mode, which is the “ambient” name that refers to the processing of default software reserved for Windows PCs via Corsair’s iCue software for download.

Gaming headset test: It's hard to find words to describe the new Corsair HS65 SurroundGaming headset test: It's hard to find words to describe the new Corsair HS65 Surround

This software, rather heavy (1 GB for download and 4 GB once on disk) bypasses helmet management with information (not necessarily useful) about different computer sensors or processor load. However, the HS65’s dedicated portion remains clearly visible and allows access to headphone equalization, microphone volume, and software suppression of background noise. The latter is fairly simple and acts like muting your microphone when you’re not talking, which doesn’t avoid having noise around you if you’re talking.

But iCue also provides direct integration of NVIDIA’s streaming functionality This allows you to go further with audio processing and thus deliver more satisfying results if you are playing in a noisy environment. Also, iCue offers a balance preselection tool based on the user’s choices when faced with different sounds. It’s very effective for those unfamiliar with frequency management with pull rods, as sound engineers do.

Audio Reproduction: The Corsair gaming headset has a good balance despite some limitations

HS65 Surround is a headphone that sounds very good in stereo and average size. The different frequencies, basic, are more or less balanced, avoiding excessive bass or mid-range. However, there is still a certain amount of aggressiveness on the treble side, an inaccuracy error in this frequency range, which tends to become unpleasant if you push the volume to its limits. Fortunately, the volume provided by the headphones is more than enough once you get close to 80%, and the remaining 20% ​​is dangerous for your ears.

Gaming headset test: It's hard to find words to describe the new Corsair HS65 Surround

If it is generally good, The HS65 suffers from comparison with our reference models, the Epos H3
in mind, providing a sound reproduction more respectful of the source, and less stressful in the long run, despite the extra bass. Moreover, the bass is another weak point of the HS63 which, despite the good dynamics in this range, struggles to bottom out as it advertises. So the bass lacks a bit of roundness and depth.

On a Windows PC, with iCue activated, it is possible to use stereo headphones as a 7.1 system, with software management for the eight channels. The result is absolutely correct, as long as you agree to lose more accuracy in favor of the atmosphere. In fact, the lack of 3D definition comes at a high price here, with a clear setback in this frequency range. The same goes for the usual virtual spatial, or Dolby in mind on PC, or for 3D effects on PS5.

Corsair HS65 gaming headset microphone is really very successful

Gaming headset test: It's hard to find words to describe the new Corsair HS65 SurroundGaming headset test: It's hard to find words to describe the new Corsair HS65 Surround

The HS65 Surround Sound Microphone is activated and deactivated simply by rotating the rod that supports it. Once activated, we really appreciate the sound reproduction when the audio is captured. The timbre is respectable, the sound is accurate with a very present bass (No drop in frequency range), the microphone supports differences in sound fairly well (between whispers and power surges) and we can’t help but regret the presence of excessive background noise, even if it’s light in the base. Obviously, if you use this headset in a quiet and silent area, you can use it without any problem in chatting as in broadcasting, and listeners will benefit from very high quality delivery. In the noisiest places, we hope you play on a PC to take advantage of NVIDIA Broadcast support to eliminate extraneous sounds.

Bottom line: A well-balanced gaming headset that’s fun to use

At a price of 90 euros, the HS65 Surround offers us a balanced solution, both in terms of manufacturing and sound quality. If it doesn’t equal the H3 from Epos on certain points, it offers a good cross-platform solution, with the added advantage of high sound quality for listeners. We still wanted to take advantage of better treble reproduction without having to equally pass the exclusive Windows PC to fully recommend it to you.


strength point

  • The finish, although plastic, is very successful
  • Wide compatibility via dual connectors
  • High quality sound card
  • Very comfortable and suitable for all sizes
  • Introducing the microphone, exceptional

Weak points

  • Slightly aggressive in large size
  • The bass lacks depth

A pirate here signs up for a very correct headphone in its price range. We appreciate the build quality, the comfort of use, for long sessions without particular inconvenience, but also the quality of its sound card and its well-controlled multi-platform aspect. Audio-wise, the helmet is somewhat balanced, but suffers from comparison with other models in terms of its definition of treble or its ability to deliver really deep bass. Finally, the microphone provides high-level voice reproduction, whether chatting with friends or broadcasting. So a successful helmet, which specifically misses the reference title in its class.

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