Golf: Château de Voise golf course seen in 1991, 1992 and 2022

Creusot-Infos invites you to discover the Avoise golf course during its construction in 1991, when it opened in 1992 and 30 years later. Things have changed a lot!

The Avoise Golf Course, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, offered Creusot-Infos the opportunity to take a look at its archive. In these, we were able to find photos of the track during its construction, in 1991 in particular, and after it opened in 1992. To give an idea of ​​the changes, current photos of the course were also taken. The vegetation has grown so well for 30 years, that it was sometimes difficult to tell which hatch corresponded to the old photos. Find out below the photos with captions for a better understanding.

Julian Zaidi
(Photos: Avoise Golf Archives and Julien ZaïDI)

Building :

Before it was a cycle with very green grass, it was necessary to develop the land which at that time was nothing but a mound of earth taking shapes.
We also see teams installing pipes in the ground that will later allow for watering.

hole 4:

It’s hard to imagine that in August 1992 the earth gave way to a very green grass! Between the bets, in the center of the first picture, the future green is formed. Then before summer the flag will be planted in the hole, absent until then.
You can also see the houses next to the pit. Today, their number has recently doubled at the bottom and right of the crater, but vegetation makes them less visible.

hole 5:

We are in an advanced stage before the opening but the grass is not yet finished growing. The view shows Hole 5 in the foreground, and in the background but clearly visible Hole 6 with the old Henri Paul Coke Factory at the bottom – we’ll see it later.
Today, we get to know the canal at the beginning of the hole but all the plants have grown well. It obviously marks the hole 5 from its neighbor and makes the hole more difficult for golfers. Swinging to the left will refocus your ball, as you can most likely play a full shot at the opening.
Finally, the water point that was visible on the left was completely obscured by a tree.

hole 6:

We observe a stage when the ground is very muddy. We are in the back of the aforementioned coke plant.
Then, the hole seen from the end shows that the mud has given way to the grass. Unlike the previous opening, the vegetation on the left was already there.
Today, there wasn’t much change left, except for a good brown floor due to the heat.

In the last two pictures we see first the water drop on the opposite bank of the play area, and then in 2022, from the play bank. Indeed, the initial view is not reproducible because vegetation has become dense on this side of a drain.

hole 8:

From the green we only imagine what it would look like with the stakes, we’ve moved, a few months later, into a well-defined, green area. The shot gives a view of Hole 11, which is still visible today. The current offer, not found here, does not bring major changes. For example, the bridge on the right is still there and allows passage from slot 17 to 18.

hole 15:

The coke plant was clearly visible but surrounded by earth waiting for vegetation to grow. Today, we are well aware of it, it has changed somewhat over time and the vegetation has regained its rights.

“Mystery” hole:

This is perhaps one of the most difficult shots to recognize. The clues that put fleas in the ear are: the pylon, the water drop, and the three trees at the bottom, slightly to the left.
We can see two greens in the picture while today, in the same place, we will only see the first, and the edifice is gone. Therefore, placing a photo of the day would not have helped with identification.

This is hole 7, it is below hole 17. The plants have grown well and they mark the holes perfectly. It’s so high that in the same place (to the left of 7), you can’t even see the body of water anymore. The three trees still limit 17 green trees in 2022.

Driving range:

First on the ground and without shelter, the command field was dressed in green, both for the ground and for the protected strike positions. The stakes have given way to a beautiful green.
The only things that haven’t changed are the Kyriad building (formerly Novotel) and the power line.

Here, it is already constructed but still surrounded by land. On the one hand, the terrace is built and, thanks to its large surface, can accommodate meals and events.
On the other hand, the play practice area was born.

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