Genshin Impact, Patch Notes Version 3.0: Somero Time!

Adjustments and improvements

● Enemies

1. Reduce the damage Dragon Who Ripped Sky caused to players in Archon Prologue – Act 3 mission “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”;

2. The Ancient Heaven Monarch’s attack diminished in Archon’s prelude – Chapter III mission “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”;

3. Reducing the number of platforms collapsing under the influence of the Ancient Sky Monarch skill “Caelestinum Finale Termini” in the Archon Prologue – Act 3 “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” quest, as well as the damage caused by these platforms;

4. Improving the conditions for the Shogun Raiden to enter the “Divine Eyes Hunting” stage in Archons Chapter 2 – Chapter 2 quest “Calm, Sublimate to Shadow”;

5. Improving the conditions for the Shogun Raiden to administer Divine Punishment in Chapter Two of Chapter Two – Pursuit of Action 2 “Calm, Sublime Shadow”;

6. Modification of Hydro Fungus logic: when it is first hit by an Electro or Pyro attack, it goes into an active or charred state, depending on the type of elemental attack used;

7. Modify some special effects for Dendroblobs and Giant Dendroblobs;

● order

1. The number of teams that can be predefined in the team formation interface increases to 10. In addition, adding the team management feature to this interface allows you to quickly perform operations such as dissolving preset teams;

2. The maximum number of friends in the friends list has been increased to 60 (previously 45);

3. A function has been added to show the source of the artifact 5★ and go to the corresponding dungeon;

4. The ability reference is no longer displayed on the Character interface > Abilities for trial characters;

5. Optimal planning of details and histories of desires;

6. You can now adjust the horizontal and vertical sensitivity respectively in “Camera Sensitivity” and “Camera Sensitivity (Shooting Mode)” in “Settings/Controls” on PC, Mobile, PS5™ and PS4™.

7. Some functions of the “comment” system for Paimon’s menu have been updated.

8. Modified interaction pause logic in certain game modes (corresponding to the T key on the keyboard): ToR is now suspended for certain game mode interactions when the game is paused in single player mode.

● sound

1. New “Low HP Companion” lines have been added in the character list lines;

2. Added functionality to play corresponding audio content when a team member has low HP in multiplayer mode.

3. Added sound effects when characters kill an enemy or inflict a critical hit.

4. Improved sound effects for some characters when moving and fighting.

5. Adjusted some sound effects when moving in combat.

6. Improved Japanese combat sound effects for Diluc’s “Scarlet Night” outfit.

7. Improved voiceover for some characters, quests and NPCs in Japanese, Korean and English.

● Elemental Echo

1. Added Dendro ‘creeping’ item echo effect: item mastery increases by 50. After firing a Burn, Stimulate, or Blossom interaction, all nearby team characters have item mastery increased by 30 for 6 seconds. After triggering a hyperactive reaction, spread, abundance or rush, the item mastery of all nearby team characters increases by 20 for 6 seconds. The duration of these effects is calculated independently.

2. Water Element Echo “Save Water” Now: Reduces the duration of Pyro’s effects by 40% and increases max health by 25%;

3. The electric element “Mighty Thunder” resonates now: Reduces the duration of water effects by 40%. In addition, there is a 100% chance of generating 1 elemental particle when triggering surge, overcharge, shock, overactivation, or abundance (ToR: 5s);

● other

1. Added nagadus emerald in daily quest rewards;

2. Dendro element character height materials are now available through synthesis and transformation;

3. “Dendro DMG Bonus” has been added to the main attributes of the Eonothem Cup item (Because of this addition, when you get Eonothem Cup-type items, you have less chance to get attributes, DEF percentage, health percentage and attack percentage, while other basic attributes remain without change.) ;

4. In the battle pass, “Council of the Rocky Land” and “Philosophy of the Rocky Land” were replaced by “Guide to Green Land” and “Philosophy of the Green Land”.

5. Added 10 artifacts to Sophie’s Show: Relief: Wrath of Thunder, Relief: Thunder Tamer, Relicary: Shadow of the Green Hunter, Rekwari: Dear Love, Pickaxe: Ancient Rock, Relief: Meteorite Inverted, Relief: Witch of Blazing Flame, Reliquary: Firewalker, Reliquary: Icebreaker, and Reliquary: Soul of the Deep;

6. Improved character movement on complex terrain with the following capabilities:

Kamisato Ayaka Frost Heron (Cryo): Kamisato School: Frost Path

Sayo Mugina Shinobi (Anemo): Yoohoo School: Fuuin Race

Astral Mona Reflection (Aquatic): Volatility

Yelan ‧ Valley Orchid (Hydro): the continuous lifeline

Fishel · Princess of Punishment!! (Electric): Incarnation of the night

Yae Miko Ingenious Frivolity (Electro): Evoking the Yakan: Sakura Destroyer

7. Reduce the initial effects that the combustion reaction gives on the target.

8. Improved vector animation for some characters in multiplayer mode.

9. Improved effects of triggering a burn reaction on enemies.

10. Adjusted the vertical drag area for the effect of dragging on objects which is now twice the horizontal area. The following items are affected by this modification:

Basic skills: Kadehara Kazuha, jan, sucrose, traveler (animo);

Unlock items: Venti, Sucrose, Shikanoin Heizou, Traveler (Anemo);

Weapon effect: green hunting bow.

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