We’ve Tested for You… Golf at Uzès

Before embarking on our mini tournament, we practiced throwing balls with a bat. (photo AB)

every saturday morning, target gard It takes you to the four corners of the gard to discover symbolic or, conversely, unknown activities. But always original and real. We take you to Uzès to experience R-Golf: golf as its name suggests but with a paddle to get a feel for this system.

The thermometer reads over 35°C when we put our foot on built From Golf Oz. I am part of the Orange team and play alongside Camille, Clément and Montaine from Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Aside from Camille, the golf course owner’s granddaughter, none of us ever practiced this activity. In contrast, there’s the yellow team with Dorian, in his twenties, brothers Aaron and Noah as well as their cousin Melissa, kids from Lyon on vacation in Ozig.

Our coach, Alan Breuland, gives us valuable tips for mastering the racket. (Marie Monnier/Objective Guard)

Our guide is Alan Breuland. He’s been offering R-Golf courses on the Uzetian site for a year now. Specializing in ‘outdoor and leisure sports’, he also gives lessons in Nîmes-Vacquerolles. There are only four locations in France where you can play R-Golf: two in Gard, two in Montpellier and Fabrègues in Hérault. ” R stands for racket. It was Bob Lazur who invented the R-Golf concept and filed an international patent eight years ago‘,” Alan Breuland explains.

A good way to start the game of golf without getting frustrated

So what is this hybrid system? It follows the same rules of golf, with one difference. As long as we don’t get to Green colorThe ball advances with a bat, not a club. This allows you to advance more quickly into the hole, even when you are a beginner. ” Bob Lazure has found that when you’re new to golf, it can be very technical. The head of the racket is small, we often miss the ball and this leads to frustration. Thanks to snowshoes, we overcame this difficulty“Our coach continues this day, and shares that vision fully with us. R-Golf is for him.” A fun stepping stone to real golf A solution to avoid early frustration.

Thanks to the paddle, you can move faster and easier towards the hole, which is sometimes located more than a hundred meters from the tee. (photo AB)

This variant has not had much success since its launch in Uzès, especially among young people. This activity is very popular with job boards looking for cohesion and bonding among their employees, after a period marked by covid-19. Before setting off on the trail, give 20 minutes of practice. First we practice taming hang around. It’s not easy to gauge your strength and focus your route considering the slope of the terrain. I directed my tag towards the hole. I put my feet on either side of the ball. I swing my club in the movement of a pendulum. The ball hits the hole. Shame. We will try to do better during our mini tournament.

“Ha, you are very right but the potion was good.”

Before that, we tested a few pitches, which is actually the one used for squash. The ball is also different: we take a lighter ball that can go only 30% of the distance of a real golf ball. The issue of security … Services are always served “in the spoon”, often in the profile. Some of the shots of my male comrades are particularly powerful and come close to the hole in a single shot from a hundred meters away.

The real game begins. Our team achieves a by in the first hole. For others, we’ll do at least four strokes. In each round, the four members shoot their ball. We keep only the best and everyone rises from the same place. We take the best ball again and so on until the point. ” Ha, you’re very right but the potion was right‘, commented Alan Breuland at the time of my second shot on hole No. 2. My bullet goes through the passage Wolf again to harsh.

She played with Camille, Clement and Montaigne on the Orange team. (photo AB)

I do better on the third hole by avoiding twigs thanks to the “rabbit ball”, which is shorter and tighter. My performance is very variable, often varying between very strong and “small arms”. But the important thing is that everyone can easily hit the ball and move at their own pace without getting frustrated. We’re having a great time, even if the Yellows beat us by one point. If the heat hadn’t been so intense, I think we would have retaliated.

Marie Monnier

You can test the R-Golf in Uzès or Nîmes-Vacquerolles by contacting Alain Brioland by email at alain@absportsnature.com or by phone at 06 84 95 95 42. Price for adults: 20 euros, students under 25:15 euros Young people aged 10 to 17: 10 euros. Compulsory reservation.

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