The day… France was the first women’s world champion!

One of the greatest feats of French women’s golf occurred in 1964 during the first World Amateur Championships by women’s teams held in France. An organizational and sporting success embodied by great players, Lally Siegard and Catherine Lacoste at the fore.

In the 1960s, when it came to athletic achievement, France had too few medals to chew (even chocolate ones) and didn’t suffer from shoulder tendinitis due to excessive cup lift. To put it bluntly: sheer calm made the headlines, and it wasn’t really a joy.

Claudine Cross, Catherine Lacoste and Brigitte Farangut on the surface of the world

Then there you go… At the beginning of October 1964, the thunderbolt was on the verge of collapse in the sportive Landernau with a win on French soil Claudine PageAnd the Catherine Lacoste And the Brigitte Farangut, a stylish tricolor, in the 1st World Amateur Championships for women’s teams, with the nose and chin of the Americans without a beard. For once only in this case, it was truly joy.

At the origin of the event: Lally Segard

Above all, a sense of pride prevails among the 75 competitors representing the 25 countries present. The organization of this tournament, the first of its kind, is above all a recognition of women’s golf as a whole, six years after the tournament was created.Eisenhower Cupmale counterpart.
This achievement is above all the work of a formidable French woman Lali Sigard who put all his energy into the success of the event.

Catherine Lacoste, Lally Siegard (Captain) Brigitte Farangut, Claudine Kroes

green champion

Known at the time as the Viscountess of Saint-Sauveur, Lally was the daughter of a great amateur champion. Andre Marino Fagliano. After World War II, she was the greatest French player, winning many tournaments including the British Ladies in 1950. She was always a very good player and also started her career as a manager which was also marked by success.

And a strong leader

In 1957, she established the first European Women’s Team Championship held in Germany, winning the event in the process. In the early 1960s, she wanted to increase the number of international meetings. A special request is submitted to the USGA to organize an opposition with the US team. The American union is not against it, but it suggests that we can invite the other countries of the world to French soil …

Why the name Espirito Santo Trophy?

Funded by ffgolf, Lally managed, in record time, to create this championship of unprecedented size on the magnificent track of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris. You also need to find a cup that fits the name. Portuguese friends from his family Espirito Santo, they agree to bequeath him a silver cup bought at an auction that would have belonged to the Tsars of Russia. Course, Cup, and Golfers from All Over the World: Everything is there for Espirito Santo Cup Done under better care.

captain with flair

Don’t just give me a helping hand in the organization. She also wants to play an athletic role by wearing the France captain’s uniform. Taking into account the uncompetitiveness, and playability, she makes a difficult choice to choose. Core, Brigitte Farangut and Claudine Kroes had to go along with Odelle Semlinwife Jan Garayaldi.

That’s without counting on a 19-year-old who in 1964 really hatched: Catherine Lacoste. daughter of heroes Rene Lacoste And the Simone Theon de la Champagneled by… Raymond GarayaldiJohn’s father. Smiling and relaxed, she will really carry the team and make a name for herself. Her title – Crocodile Kid – would come three years later, when she won the US Open.

The appearance of Catherine Lacoste

Currently, the Basque Bouncing is showing her talent on the challenging course of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which has seen her back-and-forth reversal for the occasion. Local heroine Brigitte Farangut is eagerly awaiting. But no one is a prophet in his country, especially in the game of stroke, a formula he does not prefer, and it is the little Catherine who carries the French team to the end of its vicissitudes.

First in the first two rounds, which were taken abruptly on the third day, France is still in a position to win this Sunday 4 October 1964. Remember that counting consists of adding up the two best scores of the three players. After a good tour in 73 by Catherine Lacoste, many spectators attended, including Duke of Windsor The famous American columnist Herbert Warnwind Watch the unimaginable.

The United States is cracking in the last hole

Day 18, American Barbara McIntyre Needs parity to win. His second shot sends him into the bunker to the left of the green. Lali was considered a very good player on the sand, but she missed the exit by shoving a ball… into the opposite bunker. The goal is now clear: to finish at 5 in the hope of a tie and continue to the playoffs. Unfortunately (for the beauty of this sport alone), a 6-meter shot missed a hair: France won a prizeEspirito Santo Cup In one fell swoop!

It would take France 36 years to repeat such a feat. In 2000 in Berlin, the team was made up of Mitna Al-SogrinAnd the Karen Escher And the Virginie Offit He won by 7 strokes over South Korea.


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