Expansion of the hall, recruitment and goals…Monaco does not hide its ambitions

Last Tuesday, AS Monaco showcased its sporting and organizational ambitions during its back-to-school press conference.

On Tuesday 23 August, AS Monaco held their traditional pre-season press conference at Café de La Rotonde in the Casino de Monte-Carlo. General Manager Oleksiy Yefimov, coach Sasa Obradovic, juniors Jordan Lloyd and Adrian Moorman, winger Yakuba Ouattara and Patrice Cellario, an advisor to the Monaco government, discussed the hot topics of the slack season.

About room extension:

Oleksiy Yefimov “The Salle Gaston-Médecin capacity will meet the requirements of the Euroleague regulations and the new, renovated arena will provide a better fan experience on match days. I think the fans have run out of patience to see the 2022-2023 Roca team meetings. There is enthusiasm and I am convinced that the team is even stronger than last season. . »

Patrice Celario “Sport is a driving force in the Principality. The Roca team has been shining for several years, so it is easy to offer our support to allow them to reach new heights. Given the size of the Principality, this is important. This team must be in the best shape possible. Work is progressing in the Gaston Room Médecin, and at the end of September everything will be completed with a planned capacity of 5,000 seats. »

At the end of hiring:

Oleksiy Yefimov All our attention has been devoted to maintaining a certain stability. We’ve had a lot of criticism in the past about our inability to retain players after a successful season. We show that we want to keep our key players, by adding strong French players. The goal spans over several years. We wanted to focus on continuity. I am happy to see the commitment of the players who want to give everything they can for next season. We knew we were still playing in the Euroleague, so we were able to look at the upstream in recruitment and anticipate things. Which changes a lot of things. We want to be part of the best teams. »

On Roca’s ambitions:

Sasa Obradovic : “With such a team this year, it’s a huge opportunity for everyone. Perhaps the opportunity of a lifetime. I know there are a lot of expectations from our excited fans. We want to make them happy. I hear the players talking to each other, and I know they are very excited. The bar is set high. Very. Very big goals ahead of us, although it will depend on many factors. The thing I can guarantee is that the group will give their maximum on a daily basis. The important thing is to do at least as well as during the last exercise. It is up to us to climb one more step in the Euroleague, And above all, writing the history of our club by striving for the French champion title. We have great players who know what it means to win. We will have to manage the pressure to do our best.”

Jordan Lloyd We have a very good squad to give ourselves the means to achieve expectations and goals to achieve victories. We have to make the Euroleague qualifiers again, get the Betclic Elite. We have to do better than last year. The last four are ambitious, but they require a lot of work for them. “A lot of sacrifices must be made in this direction. On paper, we have everything we need to harm our opponents. The most important thing is the cohesion of our team and belief in ourselves. I will do everything I can for it.”

About club development:

Yakuba Ouattara : “Since my first season in Monaco 7 years ago, the club’s development is amazing. In a few years, it’s great to be able to reach this level. Very few clubs have achieved such a feat before. This summer’s recruitment once again shows ambitions ASM. The leaders have always wanted to play the best competition, to be at the highest level.”

Adrian Moorman “Monaco is a club that has grown very fast and achieved many things very early on. Even from the outside, I felt that what this team was going through was something really extraordinary. They didn’t miss out much last year with the title. Perhaps more French players who brought this true culture To win the Betclic Elite. I think with this year’s mix of French and American players, Team Roca will be able to compete fully either way. For my part, I want to give my experience, and make up for what I missed. I’m a competitor, and I know we have a strong group of personalities.”

About choosing a new captain:

Sasa Obradovic “As far as the captain is concerned, that has not yet been decided. It will be done over the next few days when the group will be completed during the training camp that we do every year in Bormio in Italy. We want to make the right decision.”

Photo: Sasa Obradovic/Jordan Lloyd (Department of Communications/Manuel Vitale)

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