The French are in the hard…

If Constance Foyer (photo) is present at the Albatross du Golf National with a solid 68 (-3), Maylis Lamoure and Vaïrana Heck can do no more than 75 (+4) and 76 (+5). However, France was in the top 20 at midday.

Lionel Villa, in National Golf

Constance Foyer I had the honor to launch this 2022 World Championships at 8:00 am from tee #1 in Albatros in national golf. And the young Frenchwoman came out of it perfectly by hitting an excellent 68 (-3) despite being by her side in the current world No. 1 amateur, American Rose Chang.

The first stop was Rennaise’s four successful birdies between holes 3 and 7 before adding a fifth on 13. However it was hard to negotiate the final pack with the first bogey at 15 followed by a sixth bird at 16 that was wiped out by a bad double on 18 after Face the danger of water…

Find the full rating for the first round

Alas, her two teammates, who left a little later, did not have such a wonderful day. 75 (+4) for Myles Lamore With two sparrows for six ghost and 76 (+5) for verana heck With one bird against double and four ghost.

All in all not a very good day

Juladis Nocera

All in all not a very good dayThe coach breathes, Juladis Nocera. I thought the girls were off to a great start. The start of the match was good but then there was a bit of frustration for one of our players, and a bad hole for another…we soon found ourselves with a knife in our throats… »

At the time of this writing, the French woman is swinging between 19th and 22nd place. Already six lengths behind the Americans, alone in the lead at -5, ahead of the Germans (-4).

We’ll see tomorrow if they have the means to respond. I think it’s because today they don’t play golf…

Juladis Nocera

I decided to take very young girlsNocera continues. This experience in the big events, they do not have. But next year, they won’t be able to find out. You always need the first. This was the case today. It’s hard to make a +4 first round in the world. It’s frustrating for them because it’s not their level of play… »

The stress this morning was different from the past few daysshe completes. They were scared, there was tension and pressure too… That’s normal. It’s so good that they have that, and they’re having a tough day because there are going to be reactions tonight. We’ll discuss, we’ll ask ourselves the right questions… and we’ll see tomorrow if they have the means to respond. I think it’s because today they don’t play golf… »

Expected reaction in St-Nom-la-Bretèche

at recent days European champion girls In Iceland at the beginning of July, this Thursday from 11.55 am will face the red track Saint Nom La Britque (by 72). A path perhaps less demanding than Albatross. Well, on paper…

It’s as tough as the National, for various reasons but it’s a course not to be taken lightlythe coach warns again. He is ready for the world championship. So it is difficult. It’s going to be a great day… Miles and Fau are generally very disappointed. Coconut (Constant Foyer) It was an exceptional day, so he stayed positive. We will depend on what they know how to do. They have to play their game, not overdo it. »

Remember that 56 women’s teams will line up this week. They each consist of a maximum of three players and compete over four rounds without pieces in the form of blow play. The two best scores of the team in each round will be kept. During the first two rounds, half of the field will be played by switching to St-Nom-la-Bretèche and Golf National. After 36 holes, the leaderboard will be divided into two parts (first 25 teams and a tie). The top of this classification will go to play the third round on the Albatross and the fourth in Saint-Nom-la-Brêche.

Photo: Lucas Helen/ffgolf

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