The United States, already in the lead. France is in the top 15…

During the three French women’s participation on Wednesday at Le Golf National, the Americans, led by world number one Rose Chang, assured that they would be hard to beat. Leaderboard at -5, they have one point over Germany and one point over Poland, South Africa and Switzerland. France ranks 13th in +1 thanks to Constance Foyer (photo), great author 68 (-3).

Lionel Villa, in National Golf

They were expected to be around the corner. They answered present. This is how the Americans control them 29th World Amateur Championship. No. 1 and 3 respectively in the world, Rose Chang And the Rachel Heck Sign a 69 (-2) and 68 (-3) card on the cool name 71 ofAlbatross at National Golf. Rachel Cohenranked No. 13 in the world, was satisfied with 70 (-1).

Evidence of his almost natural position as a favorite, the American team, which has shared all three matches with the French national team, is the only one to offer three cards on an equal footing in the Golf National. However, he is only a small point ahead of the Germans, who also take part in the Albatross in Guyancourt (78). world number 12, Alexandra Forsterling She turned into a steady level 69, just like her compatriot Helen BrimWorld No. 26. Selena Rosa Satelcao It cannot do better than 74 (+3) but only the two best results are taken into account.

Find the full standings after the first round

all committed No. 72 of Saint Nom-la-BreitPoland, South Africa and Switzerland complete the podium at -3. Sweden from world number 2, Ingrid Lindbladfinished 11th at the US Open Professional on June 5, finished eighth at -1 with Spain and Finland…

For much of the day France oscillates between the top 15 and the top 20 on the leaderboard, with France finishing this start in 13th with a score of +1. Constance Foyer, who had the privilege of opening these worlds at 8:00 AM from tee #1, didn’t flinch. The best is that Renaise, who ranks 225 in the world, was on a par with Rose Zhang, her partner with the Japanese. Mizuki HashimotoGreat 68 signature. It’s simply the best result of this first round (with Rachel Heck and the Swedish Meja Ortengren).

It’s hard to make a +4 first round in the world. It’s frustrating for them because it’s not their level of play…

Juladis Nocera

The author of a fiery walk (Four birds from 3 to 7), the person who ranked fourth in the Terry Blanche Women’s Open April 2 last on the mission I had a little more trouble coming back with two other birds but also a ghost (at 15) and an unfortunate multiplier at 18 after a confrontation in the waters peril…

It is unfortunate that her teammates, Myles Lamore140 worldwide, and verana heck, 244 in the world, they were not in tune, posting two heavy letters 75 (+4) and 76 (+5). So the results were necessarily mixed for the tricolor coach, Juladis Nocera.

All in all not a very good daydecompose. But I decided to take very young girls (16 years). This experience in the big events, they do not have. You always need the first. This was the case today. It’s hard to make a +4 first round in the world. It’s frustrating for them because it’s not their level of play… »

Back to St-Nom-la-Bretèche

at recent days European champion girls In Iceland at the beginning of July they will have enough to rectify the situation on Thursday because they will rub shoulders from 11:55 in the morning with the red route of Saint-Num-la-Beritch (para. 72), less demanding – at first glance – than Albatross.

We’ll see tomorrow if they have the means to respondGwladys Nocera confirms. I guess it’s because today they don’t play golf… but be careful because it is The same difficulty as patriotism, for different reasons. It should not be taken lightly. He is ready for the world championship. So it is difficult. It’s going to be a great day… Miles and Fau are generally very disappointed. Coconut (Constant Foyer) It was an exceptional day, so he stayed positive. We will depend on what they know how to do. They have to play their game, not overdo it. »

Remember that 56 women’s teams will line up this week. They each consist of a maximum of three players and compete over four rounds without pieces in the form of blow play. The two best scores of the team in each round will be kept. During the first two rounds, half of the field will be played by switching to St-Nom-la-Bretèche and Golf National. After 36 holes, the leaderboard will be divided into two parts (first 25 teams and a tie). The top of this classification will go to play the third round on the Albatross and the fourth in Saint-Nom-la-Brêche.

Photo: Lucas Helen/ffgolf

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