Sweden hits a blow. The French remain in the top fifteen

Thanks to a massive 66 (-5) posted by World No. 2, Ingrid Lindblad (photo), over Albatros at Le Golf National, Sweden dominated the women’s worlds with a score of -9 ahead of Germany and the United States, -7. By limiting the damage, the French team holds the 13th position at +2.

Lionel Villa, in St-Nom-la-Bretèche (78)

Eighth at the end of the first round in St-Nom-la-Bretèche after a total of -1 points, Sweden struck a blow on August 25, 2022 in national golf ! -8 thanks cardsIngrid Lindblad (66) and Meja Ortengren (68). World number 2, 11 that we remember from himUS Women’s Open On June 5, he put on a real show by clearing from tee #1 for Albatross no fewer than eight birds on his first twelve holes.

The Swede was very enthusiastic, and yet he stuck to the most complex holes on the field, with bogey at 15 and doubling at 18. However, this performance allows the Scandinavians to take the lead at -9. Will they re-hit 2008 where Caroline HeadwallAnd the Pernilla Lindberg And the Anna Nordqvist Crowned the national team champion in Australia, ahead of Spain and the United States?

Find the full ranking after 2 rounds

I was in really good shapeLindblad, 22, confirms. I’ve worked a lot in this gaming segment and I’m glad it’s paying off. A roll like this means a lot to the team, although it could have been less. This now puts us at the top of the leaderboard. It is up to us to continue like this… »

Halfway through, they are two points ahead of Germany – still nearly as competitive with a very homogeneous group ever since. Alexandra Forsterling (71), Helen Brim (72) and Selena Rosa Satelcao (70) did not play equal in Saint Nom La Britque – And in the United States, it is less comfortable than the Golf National. Rachel Hecknumber 3 in the world, thus returned a difficult 74 (+2) weighted with a final double bogey on par 3 out of 9 (part out of 10) while Rose Changnumber 1 in the world, couldn’t do better than 72 (par).

The Japanese are back in the game…

Today’s good deal is owned by the Japanese, who shared those first two rounds with the Americans and the French. +1 After eighteen holes at the National, they made a near-faultless performance by playing -6 at St-Nom, thanks in particular to 67 (-5) of papa sake. Here they are alone in fourth at -5, nine places better than the day before.

At thirteen at the start of this second lap near St-Nom-la-Bretèche, the Frenchwoman clearly limited the damage. Held from 11.55 am tee 10, they had a lot of problems in the first holes. Constance Foyer, 68 (-3) the day before at the National, consequently switched to +5 after playing only seven holes before signing a 76 (+4) card. almost the same for verana heckguilty of stealing and doubling in his first two holes before finishing with 74 (+2).

Myles Lamore/Fogolf

Luckily, Myles Lamore, in great difficulty on the Albatross with his opening 75 (+4), closed the game and returned the only card under the level. A 71 (-1) that allows young people to be protected Juladis Nocera To maintain this thirteenth position at a total of +2.

Compared to yesterday, I was able to tweak certain things in golf, particularly about my choices, on strategyMyles Lamore explains. Especially since you are in this kind of bad interpretation and soon you are in danger. So I’m glad it worked. It’s not the best yet but it’s still a good day. And then personally, doing -1, it’s still reassuring. Although there is still work… »

They have a lot of resources. They are able to go far to fight to the end.

Juladis Nocera

At the end of this very contrasting day, Gwladys Nocera can be relieved. This was far from the case four hours ago…

It wasn’t easyThen you breathe. It was difficult because it could have gone the other way. I found the girls very tense. Coconut (Constant Foyer) He was having trouble breathing. She was a little breathless. She quickly took three consecutive ball throws…this put her under pressure. fi (Verana Heck) I got off to a bad start. But on the way back, which is also why I chose them, they knew how to react. They have a lot of resources. They are able to go far to fight to the end. »

The goal would be to grab places every day and continue in this hyper-professional attitude.

Juladis Nocera

By taking stock of this day, we realize that girls are doing right by fighting all the time but the problem is that we don’t take the hit back.Nocera continues. So there is a large margin. Tomorrow, in the National for round three, I think the three of them will take revenge on being in the course. But I repeat, what they did today is still very powerful because at one point he was on the plane very badly. »

And now? What will be the goal of this young French team (16 years old)? Catch the top ten? see more? They are for example six points out of the top five with 36 holes to negotiate…

The leaderboard split in two after 36 slots

We’ll try to scratch the placesThe coach announces. If we add places in the world rankings, then we are approximately the thirteenth country. So we are where we are but when we see how they play, we can think it can be better. The goal would be to grab places every day and continue in this hyper-professional attitude. The girls should be proud to be there and people should be happy to see them play because it’s a professional, because it’s a good choice, because they go all the way to get things. There, they will earn a lot of points… »

Remember that 56 women’s teams present this week in France are made up of a maximum of three players each and compete over four rounds without cutting in the form of stroke play. After 36 holes, the leaderboard is divided into two parts (first 25 teams and a tie). The top of this classification competes in the third round for Albatros and the fourth and final round in Saint-Nom-la-Brêche.

Photo: IGF

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