What did Orleans Laureate Baskett’s first match, Wednesday night, against Ada Blois offer?

Without many ideas, and even fewer legs, OLB had difficulty comparing with ADA Blois (Upgraded to Betclic Elite at the beginning of the school year), Wednesday, August 24, on the parquet floor of Jeu de Paume, on their first joint outing. in closed sessions, This confrontation between neighbors was not a friendly match in the strict sense of the wordwhere the counters are reset to zero at the end of each quarter, Otherwise, the bill would be too heavy (50 points ceded in the first period, another nine in the second) to Orleans in a break-in and diminished by absence.

Without Malela Mutuale (He is expected to return to the Loire this weekend)neither Nanta Diarra, who has to re-test the endurance, nor Toni Berkowicz, held in Croatia’s Euro selection, and With a short week of training in the legsthe OLB can only play partners in a duel, in Loir-et-Cher, with only its courage to oppose.

Germain Castano finally got what he expected from this return to work, not so much…”We are not in good shape, we do not put a shot, we are wrong in all systems. It’s a little normal when you have three group sessions together. It is natural to fall behind in the philosophy of the game, which is less, It’s about things that aren’t just done in Orleansthat is, winning duels and making some shots,” the OLB coach noted, after this first summer test round.

excellent Maël Lebrun, Training Partner at Orléans Loiret Basket

against Le Mans on Saturday night

The next two will arrive quickly, this weekend, in the Sable-sur-Sarthe tournament, where Club Loiret will compete with three elite teams, Le Mans. (his opponent on Saturday night)Cholet and Boulogne Levallois. “The idea is to take a small step forward in each gameTo make things right, to make some things better. We start from afar in all sectorsBut above all, do not panic,” German Castano confirmed, Wednesday evening.

Satisfaction radius, let’s note anyway The good impression made by Jared Ogungbemi Jacksonthe 31-year-old Canadian-Jamaican goalkeeper, who has been called up to direct the Orleans game this season, Not decisive for a pennyInterested in defensive duties we can’t wait to see more talent on his side.

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On the subject, German Castano hinted after this job match that his last recruit – American suite, probably – “It can happen very quickly.” A contract proposal has been submitted to the target playerIt is now up to him to act on it or not.

Thirteen preparatory games on the list for OLB basketball players

Raphael Cokele

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