What German Used Cars Should You Choose?

Buying a used car is a great investment. So it is better to make the right decision. Many French drivers have long turned to German car brands that for decades have been considered more reliable and stable, especially in superior or premium models. Among the most famous brands are Mercedes-Benz, BMW and the Volkswagen Group.

Used Mercedes offers a wide range of vehicles to cover all needs. In order to prove the reliability of all its used models, the German company Mercedes offers a selection of used cars that benefit from ” Certified by Mercedes-Benz By purchasing one of their vehicles with verified history and mileage, you also get a two-year warranty and 24/7 assistance.

Mercedes A-class

The compact Mercedes, France’s most popular model, has more than one origin to tempt them. Her dynamic streak revived the brand a few years ago. Its small size allows it to be as comfortable in the city as it is on the main roads. It offers a complete giveaway as long as entry forms are avoided. Mercedes-Benz is a car brand that has been known for the quality of its cars for several decades.

Mercedes GLA

Derived from the A-Class for 2012, the GLA is an excellent car that is appreciated for its dynamic characteristics and slightly elevated driving position. The stellar manufacturer revamped it in 2020 to give it a more refined design and improve its equipment. This latest generation is available in petrol, diesel and hybrid versions, but also in 100% electric with EQA.

Mercedes CLA

Available as a 4-door sedan and station wagon under the marketing name Shooting-Brake, the CLA is an aesthetic success. It appeared in the Mercedes catalog in 2013 as a sedan, and then in 2015 as a station wagon. Her streak does not go unnoticed, it is aggressive and seductive. Refurbished in 2019. Buying a used Mercedes is synonymous with reliability and fun. You benefit from a luxury car at a lower price than new. By choosing a modern, low-mileage model, you benefit from the brand’s latest innovations. The engines of the manufacturer are famous for their durability. Quality assembly and comprehensive finishes are present throughout the range, from Class A to Class S.

Volkswagen Polo

The first Polo was born in 1977 and Volkswagen uses the same recipe as the Golf. The model is regularly renewed to follow market trends and deliver a modern and efficient city car over time. The latest generation, the Polo VI, was born in 2017. Despite its age, Volkswagen is still the brand’s best-selling city car with nearly 24,000 copies sold in 2021 in France.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is a timeless compact car that has been regularly refurbished since 1974, the year the Golf 1 was launched. Sometimes newer versions such as the Golf 7 or 8 offer high-performance, more efficient engines than previous generations. The golf is available as a sedan or station wagon. The choice of engines is wide, from petrol to diesel via a plug-in hybrid version called the GTE and even a 100% electric version under the eGolf name.

BMW 1 Series

Fans of fine mechanics can also turn to the famous engine manufacturer BMW with the compact 1 Series. Available in 3 or 5 doors for over 15 years, the used car market offers a wide choice with 4 or 6 engines. A truncated version joins the currently marketed domain. Since 2019, BMW has introduced the third generation. It gets traction, forgoes thrust and its 6-cylinder engines in order to comply with the latest rules on polluting emissions.

Audi A1

After the success of the second generation of the Audi A3, the brand with the four rings launches a big city car: the A1. It is available in three and five-doors from 2010 with 4-cylinder petrol or diesel engines. It will be renewed in 2019 with a second generation in a radically different style even if it is still a city car. If the first generation of gasoline and diesel was offered, then the new Audi A1 is available only with gasoline engines.

BMW 3 Series

The third category of the Bavarian brand is a good compromise between the available German sedans. Series 3 was launched in 1975, and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide in over 45 years. The finish and motors live up to the brand’s prestige. The last two generations present a modern and dynamic line. The brand is known for offering powerful and efficient engines. The BMW 3 Series is available in several variants ranging from the traditional sedan to the estate without forgetting the convertible. Gasoline and diesel engines have 4 or 6 cylinder blocks.

Audi Q3

Derived from the Audi A3, like the Mercedes GLA itself derived from the A-Class, Audi’s compact SUV accommodates the car’s compact engines. It offers an elevated driving position and a nice finish. The SUV was first launched in 2011, and revamped in 2018. A year later, Audi launched a coupe model called the Q3 Sportback. It is available in petrol and diesel versions. A sporty 400 hp version is also available with the RS Q3. It receives the Audi RS3, a five-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. This version is very rare on the flea market.

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