Worlds 2022: The French in ambush


Between the first hour, the caliber of the playing partners, the presence of the French fans and the immense honor of opening the game. World Amateur Tag Team Championship Inside, several elements pushed the French pressure gauge, this Wednesday in the early morning light. One thing is for sure: Even if you feel that pressure at times, none of the three blues, all newbies in this competition, have been overwhelmed by it.

After the first of four rounds, the captain players Veronique Simondak It shows a total of +1, and therefore occupies the thirteenth position. Their American partners, the title holders, took the lead on their own, with a score of -5. Germany is second with a time of -4, one stroke ahead of the trio of Poland, Switzerland and South Africa.

Player: Constance Foyer

“When I planted a tee at the beginning of the year, my hands and feet were trembling”smiling Constance Foyer at the end of his game. The player from La Freslonnière was carrying a heavy load on the trackalbatross, to reach the world’s first shot. But once that delicate moment passed, I played golf very well. After the first jumper on level 5 of 3, she reverted back on 4, then tied two more on 6 and 7, to indicate -4 after the first leg.

She found her way to the cage on the thirteenth and then on the sixteenth, the first ghost of her day happened on the fifteenth. She played in the water and then three strokes. His card still shows 68 (-3), the best result of the day For example, but not limited.

“I hit the ball really well, especially in the beginning, She notes. Then, in the end, it was a little more complicated. When you start dropping in grades you have to keep it fresh in your mind and eventually you don’t have to. The result is still very good, I will try to improve it tomorrow. »

Other French

Maylis Lamoure signed 75 (+4) on this first day.

“It’s not good, but it’s not bad either.” This remark, which the interested party missed with a smile while playing it, rather sums up the day she had Myles Lamore. Starting in second place behind her companion Foyer, the Kempferhof player signed a 75 (+4) card. She encountered some difficult passages, such as a series of two ghosts on the eleventh and twelfth days, but also knew how to interact, with the sparrows on the seventh and sixteenth. Unfortunately, for her, too, the game’s end wasn’t unfolding optimally, with Spectre on 17 and 18.

“I am a little disappointed, because he was generally fit, She is decomposing. But I had some bad shots that came at the wrong time, and some that didn’t go at the right time, so I ended up doing a little worse. »

76 (+5) signed by verana heck It is not kept in the French total for today. RCF player La Boulie had her first difficulty in the fourth, with a double bogey. She didn’t give up, however, showing up at +3 at the start of 16. Problem: In unison with her teammates, she let go of feathers at the end of the game, with bogey at 16 and 18.

French scores after the first round.

Crew appointed: Gwladys Nocera

“I have already found that the players are starting very well, Blue boss confirms. About the warm-up and the scenario of what would happen, they were ready. Then there was a difficult puncture for the player, a bit of frustration, and we quickly found ourselves with the knife down our throat. So it was a very bad day. I chose to take young girls, you necessarily need the first, and today, for them, this was a real first in the deep end. Of course it is difficult. But there will be reactions, we will exchange and discuss and ask the right questions, see if they can respond tomorrow, and I think they are. »

the following

11:55 AMThe first French woman (it will be Constance Foyer again) kicks off in Saint-Numm-la-Breit on Thursday for the second round. Miles Lamore and Verana Heck will start right after that. Important reminder: Public access is open and free.

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