A French trio united as ever in the World Amateur Tag Team Championship

They are preparing, from Wednesday, to live a new experience, during the World Amateur Tag Team Championship. At the Golf Nationale de Guiancourt and Saint-Novem-la-Brêche (Eveline), Constance Foyer, Miles Lamore and Verana Heck will be what they have become: a tight-knit trio.

“Golf allowed us to meet each other, and made us friends before we were enemies”Foyer confirms. As for getting to know each other, the proximity in the age of the three players (heck he’s 17 and his two buddies are 16) inevitably helped. The 2019 French Youth Championship (CFJ), which took place in Saint-Cloud, is undoubtedly the best example of this.

In the Benjamines class, Foyer and Heck, who both managed to put together competitions during the tournament, found themselves in one of the semi-finals. They promised each other to win and compete for the title afterwards. But the plan failed: Fei just won, and bowed out the next day. In both cases, Lamore, who had not yet earned the nickname “chicken”, hit them both with a bone.

Myles Lamore and Verana Heck. (FFGolf)

Immediately after that, Heck and Lamoure took part in a preparatory camp for the Evian Juniors Cup, and became friends in turn. The more time we spend together, the more we learn from each other.”Rasengoman notes. Internships, in particular, were defining moments for their camaraderie to crystallize. Whether during the winter to prepare for the next season or in the summer with the dawn of the major tournaments.

Precisely in 2021, the three found themselves together for the first time in the blue jersey, on the occasion of the European Girls’ Tag Team Championship. Even Lamor and Foyer lined up in a quad, and emerged victorious from their three encounters. What unites friendship is to live the same things, explain things. Ups, but also ups and downs. »

From below, it was precisely the matter that was discussed: after a very good week of golf, the French, whom Spain defeated in the final, had to be content with the silver medal. “At the end of the final, for an hour, we didn’t talk to each otherrecalls the Kempferhof resident. We were all crying in our corner. » In the evening, at the solemn dinner, the words returned. And the desire to wake up with her.

“If we met outside the golf course, of course we would still be friends.”

Mutual assistance that pervaded the daily lives of the three players, even for additional golf topics. When things don’t go well, the first thing I call Constance or Miles, verana heck book. It can happen when we struggle with golf, or if we have other problems. For example, Constance just passed the French baccalaureate oral exam, and I have to take it soon. She gives me advice. If we met outside the golf course, we would of course be friends. »

A sign of the trio’s toughness: In July, the three French players received a phone call from the women’s division chief, Juladis Nocera, to announce their selection. Keen to announce the good news to the same three players, the former French No. 1 was initially silent about who her teammates were. “She asked me who I thought she’d be wearing, and I immediately thought of Coco and Va »Miles Lamore tells. A few minutes later, when the coach ended her round of calls, the three, as if reacting, shot an impromptu video.

At first we did not talk, Constance Foyer smiles. We couldn’t believe it, we were so excited. » Welded does not mean identical. On the contrary, everyone is aware of the existence of heterogeneous personalities. Maylis is quite conservative, but when something bothers her, she says it, Vairana Heck . Analysis. On the other hand, Coco is always extroverted. I’m a little in between. » I’m not a group wise, that’s for sureConstance Foyer laughs. When we’re all three, that can be a massacre. But fortunately, there are coaches. » Because yes, camaraderie doesn’t stop at the threesome.

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