Basketball. To get out of the fog, Mondville hopes to find his own compass

Romain L’Hermitte will now be able to count on the Managing Director, Sébastien Monnier, at USO Mondeville. © Aline Shuttle

last photo fromUSO Mondville In 2021-2022 it will be Hale Beregovoy who was put out one night from defeat in the first round of qualifying. She could not have better symbolized the terrible snail in which the club has been stuck for so many years.

“We got stuck a little bit”

Overtaken by internal trauma that led to several resignations over the summer, unable to reassure on a sporting level, Mondville is in poor shape. To get out of the predicament, the club with a glorious past decided to act. On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, he introduced his new General Manager – a position created to replace his former General Manager Baptiste Gendrot – and, at the same time, presented the associated project.

Sebastien Meunier, president of the Pre-National Bay Dog Basketball Club, is out of business. “Ambition 2024”, the acronym for the action plan that has been prepared, is divided into four axes aimed at “stabilizing and structuring the club”. USOM must find the way forward. “Since we turned down the European Cup (in 2016, editor’s note), which was a clear warning sign, we’ve stumbled a bit,” Romain Lermitt clearly admits.

Structuring and professionalism

From now on, the person preparing for his 10th season as head coach will not be alone on board. “The very high level of women’s basketball requires a lot of time, a lot of ideas,” he recalls. From the moment you want to get back into the women’s league and look like a pro club, you have to become a pro. That’s the key word for a club with a budget – too big for the standard – announced at €1.2 million.

Not a transition year

In Mondville, money is not the nerve of war. “We have a good budget,” Olivier Lieberg agrees. Driven by 70% public money, which is not without question (the president admits that “we must reverse the pyramid”), the United States FA should be allowed to play the leading roles in the second division. Sebastien Meunier is hoping to see his new club do it ‘well’ like last season, which doesn’t seem insurmountable, while Romain Lermitt refuses to talk about a transition year.

Sportsly speaking, we’re like all the other seasons, we’re ready. We have our sights set on qualifying for the playoffs. This is the first goal, like many Ligue 2 teams.

Roman Lermitt, USO Mondeville coach

I’m looking for a soul

To achieve this, the coach relies on achieving a little more success than in the past. “We’ve always had huge frustrations: Vacciana Gomez out for one season, Aminata Gaye out for one, Kim Gomez out for one season, Ben Doodle out for two-thirds of the season… The best years I’ve had here, two or three as a coach are the years that didn’t happen. Lots. “

This is another thing Mondeville wants to recreate around its new project. He needs to regain enthusiasm, desire, attractiveness and above all spirit. It will not just pass through performance. “Within the club, we did not have the sacred union that we should have, as Olivier Lieberg admits. There is no great club without great leaders, but by that I also mean a good atmosphere and a good mood to move forward on a daily basis.”

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“We are not starting from scratch”

To become the great club they once were, especially when they played in the Euroleague just over ten years ago, Mondville has a vision. Sebastien Meunier is responsible for their application. This close friend of Romain L’Hermitte aspires to “leverage on everything that already exists” to grow the club.

We are not starting from scratch. There are important vital forces in the club, countless volunteers. This is something that reassured me. We do not dispose of the infant and the bath water with it, on the contrary.

Sebastien Meunier, General Manager, USO Mondeville

Mondeville has a “strategy” that allows her to once again advance to the national elite. “If we return to the women’s league, we must be able to meet the requirements and constraints of a very high level. In this regard, the necessary structuring must be accompanied by additional resources.” To be in the women’s league, you have to increase the budget by 30%, estimates Olivier Lieberg. . To take the next step, you have to be really more professional. Lots of things are done randomly. »

Relentless self-criticism. Mondville wants to leave this turbulent period behind with a new man on his head. It was necessary to try to stop the gradual decline of the club that made generations dream.

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