Basketball: what to remember after Switzerland-Austria


BasketballWhat do we remember after Switzerland – Austria?

Crazy desire, ‘misunderstanding’ generated by Natan Yorkowitz, coach’s ‘statement’: A look back at Swiss success at Friborg before setting off for Croatia.

Jeremy Santalo


New Geneva Black Team player Noe Annapere made his international debut on Thursday against Austria.


Excessive desire

You had to see Austrian mountain Jozo Rados (207cm) sticking out his tongue – when the first quarter wasn’t over – to realize the commitment he put into every move before him towards Laurent Zuccoletti, on the parquet floor.

The energy unleashed by the former Swiss Army Knife BBC Neon, which will develop this season alongside Massagno, is infectious and a whole bunch that fuels it. Switzerland dominated the rebound in the first half (10-21), then Switzerland resisted (31-35). “The way we fought, without a professional inside player, is perhaps our greatest pride, Geneva winger Tony Rojak surrendered (11 points but 4/15 in shooting). When we have people absent and injured, we can look for excuses or find solutions. Tonight , (note: Thursday)We’ve found the solutions. Everyone gave themselves and we showed that we have a greater desire to win.

At a press conference, Austrian coach Chris O’Shea admitted that his comrades were overshadowed by the intensity of the competitors. “For the past 10 minutes, some of my players had tired legs. It affected our shooting percentage and contributed to our shooting losses. (19). “

“The Complex” Natan Yukowitz

We put quotes because in the end, the Swiss team won (74-64) and everything is fine and ends well. But when we landed at Salle Saint-Léonard, we spot Natan Jurkovitz in uniform but barefoot, screwed to the seat. With Jonathan Dupas, Arnaud Couture, Michel Ovec-Nzege and Kylian Martin absent, it looked clear he was too much for Elias Papathidoro.

Very quickly, a rumor spread. The Freiburg winger reportedly injured his ankle during a video session the day before. Funny, especially when two days later you have to travel to Debrecen to compete in a World Tour event in 3×3. At a press conference, the coach was asked if he could explain the absence of his great player. “Not really, he dropped the Greek. After training on Wednesday, he started to have a lot of pain in his ankle. He thought it was more reasonable not to play.

On his way to Hungary with the Friborg team on Friday morning, the elder Yurkowitz handed his copy. “My ankle swelled out of nowhere and that caused a misunderstanding. I tested to see if I could play but that was impossible,” he wrote to us. “I left with a 3×3, we’ll see. We’re traveling with a physicist so I’ll follow well anyway.

Papathiodoro’s “Statement”

You have to put yourself in his shoes. When you coach a 5×5 team, which is supposed to be the showcase for your sport in the country, you want to have the best items available to do your job as best as possible. But during recent international windows Papatheodorou has had to juggle – he did it brilliantly – because the new 3×3 Friborg “amputated” several key elements.

So Thursday night, he wanted to get his message across. “First I want to congratulate our players. It’s not easy to beat a team like Austria twice in a row. In the face of this ordeal and our absence, it’s a great performance and a great victory. We tried to find a way to survive a strange situation. We had the same problem during the last window in June,” said the Greek. Many players refused to come and play. I, I respect the players present, who are really hardworking. They started preparing over two weeks ago and sacrificed their summer, their time, to represent their country in the best possible way. So we tried to find new men who want to be with us, and who are proud to be Part of that choice. For me, it was a priority.” That’s what was said.

junior level

Three of them celebrated their first national team selection on Thursday: Noé Anapere (27), Elliot Kobler (24) and Laurent Zuccoliti (22). The first, Annaber, did not distort the stat sheet but showed a good presence in the racket, especially in the first half. “I’m happy with myself. The former Union Neuchatel player explained that I did the dirty work mostly, but I think I brought a lot of energy off the bench. We lacked size but despite that, they contained us well in the top players. We gave ourselves Body and soul and that’s why we won. It was an honor to wear this big shirt for the first time.

Like Zoccoletti – who will have to defend a bit with his head in the future to avoid stupid fouls (he was definitely out for five by the end of the game) – Elliott Kepler started from the start on base five. And the Fifi winger, who has been promoted to the SB League this season, is clearly worth checking out. “I’m proud of Kobler, who came in second place,” Papatiodoro replied. Zucoletti and Annaber also helped us a lot. That’s for sure: the three rookies scored points.

Robert Zane MVP

He defined it in the first sense of the term. Robert Zane isn’t the brightest player on the planet but when you need him, the former Friborg full-back who left for Lugano is always there. While Jonathan Cazadi and Roberto Kovac were unable to score in the first half, he secured the score and kept his team afloat. With 14 points and a rating of 13, he was named the top player of his selection and is well deserved. “It’s almost a little surprise to win, without the real 5th place, he admitted in the press room. But it was also our strength for several months. In every game, a new player stands out. I had a good pace in the first half and in the second he helped some of the other players.”

resounding seat

When speaking of those who have masterfully captured him, Robert Zane without quoting Salim Fofana and Juraj Kosic invokes them. These three are among the five who finished the match with more than ten points. The ninth player in Papatiodoro’s rotation on Thursday, Fofana had a clear impact (10 points in 20 minutes), especially in the second half. New KK Podgorica player Pimax (Montenegro) is among those who have revived Austria.

This is not the first trait of Juraj Kozic, whom we almost did not recognize in Fribourg. Having lost weight by several kilograms and long hair, the winger is still not the most comfortable pick-and-roll and has a lot of waste (lost 4 balls). But he made up for it all with a nice outside title (13 points on 5 out of 6 shots) and a defensive will rarely seen at home tenfold. And because we’ve often wondered why he was chosen, it was well worth writing.

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